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December 21, 2013

Creating the images at Mount Juliet.

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Youtube video is now live, which shows the series of images taken earlier this year, from the start of two different bedroom shots to the final result.

Going from this…
Honeymoon suite before
.. to this…
Honeymoon bedroom suite at Mount Juliet Country Estate in County Kilkenny.
.. and this…
Bedroom before
.. to this…
Bedroom suite at Mount Juliet Country Estate in County Kilkenny.
.. to show what all was done.

So enjoy…

.. from Marie, Stuart & me @ ampimage.comjust for you!

March 11, 2013

Mount Juliet Country Estate

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The series of pictures produced at the Mount Juliet Country Estate in County Kilkenny…

.. just for you!

Stylist: Marie McMillen.
1st Assistant: Stuart McNamara.
Photographer: Ashley Morrison.
Music: Chill by Musicshake.

August 9, 2011

Sorry about that…

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.. but you need to pay a license fee if you want to use our pictures…
.. especially if it’s to promote your business.

Plus you should not be using an image which we produced at a totally different hotel neither…
.. as that is really breaking all the rules of advertising.

Sorry about that – but just because something is available (a room in their hotel or one of our images, for example) doesn’t mean it’s free… as in for you to use it, without paying something towards the amount you want to use it.

We recommend everyone reads the information at: Copyright 4 Clients – if you are unsure about the basic laws surrounding photography, ethics & standards of practice – before using someone else’s pictures.

September 22, 2010

Ashford & Dromoland Castle.

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Images produced at two of Ireland’s most luxurious 5 Star Hotels – Ashford Castle & Dromoland Castle – now on YouTube..

Ashford Castle

Dating back to 1228 and once the estate of the Guinness family, the luxurious 5 Star Ashford Castle first open as a hotel in 1939.

• Voted Top 10 Resort Properties in Europe by Travel & Leisure 2010.
• Number 1 Resort hotel in Ireland voted by Conde Nast Travelle Readers Choice Awards 2008 & 2009.
• Number 2 Resort hotel in Europe voted by Conde Nast Traveller Readers Choice Awards 2008 & 2009.
• Number 1 European Castle Hotel – voted by Trip Advisor – April 2007.

Dromoland Castle

With an extraordinary history stretching back to the 5th Century, the Dromoland Castle 5 Star Hotel in Ireland was originally the ancestral home of one of the few families of Gaelic Royalty; direct descendants of Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland.

• Georgina Campbell’s, 2009 Hotel of the Year
• Environmental Award; Green Failte Gold Award Winner 2009
• Environmental Award; Green Failte Silver Award Winner 2008
• Conde Nast Traveler, Gold List 2006, 2007 & 2008
• Travel & Leisure Magazine – 2008 Top 50 European Hotels
• Dromoland Castle is a proud member of Virtuoso, Signature & Fine Hotels & Resorts.

September 18, 2010

Castle Leslie

Having fun producing these videos – which I feel give a new lease of life to our images and show what else they can be use for – in this ever changing world in which we live in.

So here is our latest YouTube video, which shows the series of images we produced back in 2008, at Castle Leslie Estate in County Monaghan.

Some of these images were produced for Castle Leslie to use and some where produced for editorial use – which have now been featured in both 25 Beautiful Homes magazine and NI Homes & Lifestyle magazine. Ideal Home magazine also ran with some other images we produced here, which showed ‘Wee Joey Farm Hand’ cottage – the home of their Chef, Matt King and his wife Shauna.

Castle Leslie Estate
Life, the way it’s supposed to be.

This Castle Hotel in County Monaghan is nestled on 1,000 acres of undulating Irish countryside, dotted with ancient woodland and glittering lakes, Castle Leslie Estate Monaghan is one of the last great Irish Castle estates still in the hands of its founding family. Since the 1660s, the distinguished and somewhat individual Leslie family has lived on the Castle Estate, welcoming everyone from politicians to poets, ambassadors to ufologists to one of the finest luxury hotels Ireland.
Now you too can experience some of the most unique and enchanting castle accommodation in Ireland. Following significant investment and a major restoration programme over the last decade, the beautiful Castle Estate is waiting to be discovered. Located in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, the Estate is only 80 minutes from Dublin and 60 minutes from Belfast. Full of character and personality, it’s the ultimate Irish rural escape and boasts a variety of accommodation and activities to suit all tastes. A truly private and stunningly beautiful estate, it is a magical setting for your special event or wedding celebration.
The Castle, at the heart of the Estate, offers authentic original interiors and old-style hospitality and is a complete respite from the world. The Lodge is the social hub of the Estate and brings locals and guests together in an atmosphere of conviviality and comfort. The Old Stable Mews is the perfect spot for groups that want the convenience of hotel living combined with private self catering.
The Estate offers an idyllic setting for outdoor activity and adventure. It’s the perfect place to discover the thrill of exploring the countryside on horseback or foot. You can spend a few hours fishing on one of Ireland’s best-preserved lakes. Alternatively, you might prefer to enjoy a massage in the Victorian Treatment Rooms at the end of an activity packed day or relax with a book in one of our many beautiful rooms while staying at one of the finest Castle Hotels Ireland.

Castle Leslie Estate
Tel: +353 47 88100.

September 15, 2010

The Italian Job

Five homes in Italy – from our trip across Europe in 2006.

1. Tia and Bruce Weissman’s Italian villa called ‘Casa Lara’ which is located near the town of Amelia in Umbria.
Tia Weissman outside her Italian villa called 'Casa Lara' which is located near the town of Amelia in Umbria.

2. Dizzi Alfons’ 18th-century former farmhouse near the medieval town of Lucca in the northern Tuscany region.
Dizzi Alfons' 18th-century former farmhouse set in a rural estate near the medieval town of Lucca in the northern Tuscany region of Italy.

3. David Law’s converted mill in the Marches region.
David Law's converted mill in the Marches region of Italy

4. Helen and Peter Hannick’s 18th century Italian farmhouse near Amelia in Umbria.
Helen and Peter Hannick's 18th century Italian farmhouse near Amelia in Umbria.

5. Claudia and Francesco Bachetoni’s villa called L’Arco in the Pianciano hamlet near Spoleto.
Claudia and Francesco Bachetoni's villa called L'Arco in the Pianciano hamlet near Spoleto in Italy.


September 4, 2010

The French Connection.

Trying to put our years of experience working in advertising to good use – when Marie decided to renovate this old house…
Marie and Alan McMillen's 1920's semi detached house in the tree-lined Cherryvalley area of Belfast.
.. to put on the market.

So we photographed the it to what we would call ‘full National magazine’ standard…
The hallway in Marie and Alan McMillen's 1920's semi detached house in the tree-lined Cherryvalley area of Belfast.

The living room in Marie and Alan McMillen's 1920's semi detached house in the tree-lined Cherryvalley area of Belfast.

The kitchen in Marie and Alan McMillen's 1920's semi detached house in the tree-lined Cherryvalley area of Belfast.
.. and also put together a YouTube video.

The house is only on the market 2 weeks; however, it has already attracted widespread interest – lots of viewings, 460 hits on YouTube and a key slot in the recent Belfast Telegraph homefinder newspaper – as seen here:
Belfast Telegraph homefinder newspaper.

Because of the current economic climate, we believe top class imagery and creative marketing has never been more important – be it filling hotels, selling kitchens, or as in this case, marketing a house is For Sale.

Time will tell of course – but very pleased with the results so far – and the interest that this one has attracted.
In fact, we may now be of to the south of France, to do the same thing there, for someone else – as a result.

So the French Connection may actually turn-out to be more than just a headline in the local newspaper !!

August 28, 2010

Hectic Harmony…

.. and the series of captures which led up to the final images produced, at the CityNorth Hotel in County Meath this week:

It’s hectic – but shows the amount of work and attention to detail, that goes into each and every image – as we piece it together and work around their guests too.
“Great images don’t just happen” – which is something we would often say to clients – and I feel this video shows what we mean by that.

Music: Hectic Harmony by Musicshake.

Enjoy !

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