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January 19, 2014

Over 6000 views in less than 48 hours.

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Wow !!

I often wonder what one has to do to get others to react to something that I have or am about to create – to click on an image or take time out to make a comment – rather than just do nothing.

So I like to post images up on the web, in places like Flickr, for the world to see – and so after our most recent shoot that’s just what I did.

In less than 12 hours after having posted this image of the bathroom in one of the Heritage bedroom suites at the Ice House Hotel…
Bathroom in one of the Heritage bedroom suites at the Ice House Hotel in Ballina.
.. which we shot last week – I noticed at 11am 1,453 had viewed it – and by 2pm that that figure had risen to 2,422 views – which I mentioned to Marie when she emailed to say:

Morning Ashley
Any feedback ??????

Obviously meaning from the client, to which I replied:

Morning Marie
Yes, this image has so far got the most hits Icehouse-177825 | Flickr – Photo Sharing! – which is currently 1453 after just one day.
The rest have got just over 100 hits, so hopefully, we made a good call for shooting that bathroom 🙂

In other words, what I was saying to Marie here was: yes, I have got some feedback from the general public, who have in a way voted by clicking to view – but not from the client as yet.
Which to me is as important – although I’m not quite sure why – but I do find it interesting all the same, from an advertising photographer’s point of view.
As producing images that get others to react or stop them in their tracks for a few seconds to take the time-out and look, is a big part of what I try to achieve.

Especially on the Worldwide web, where there are literally millions of images for people to look at every day!!

Anyway, just now I checked it again, and to my amazement, it has been viewed 6,159 times now – whereas the other images I posted at the same time have only been viewed about 200 times.

And it was the same last week when I posted this image…
The kitchen in Ciara Nelson's three-storey semi-detached villa in Belfast.
.. of a kitchen in a three-storey semi-detached house in Belfast – which was just the return image of what I would have considered being the main image, and the one which I would have thought would have got the most views.

Currently 6,283 views for this kitchen image – which just blew me away – but it looks like this image of the bathroom is about to surpass that this weekend and may even go on to surpass the number of views this image of the Bamboo studio in myhotel Brighton has received…
The Bamboo studio in myhotel Brighton.
.. which is currently my highest viewed image on Flickr, at 11,628 views.

So what is it about these images – and why do these ones get so many views, but yet images which I would personally consider to be much better / more interesting / more appealing – don’t get people to react in the same way, by clicking to view?

How important is the general public vote on things like this – and is it something that the client should be made aware of??

More questions than answers – or as songwriter Don Henley wrote in the lyrics of his song, The Heart Of The Matter:

The more I know, the less I understand.

Which is very true – and what I’m sitting here thinking today – 30 years on, as someone who tries very hard to create amazing images for others to use, to get them results like this.

So that’s my thoughts & questions for the day – from me @

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