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January 8, 2014

A room for the night

Hotels usually have lots to offer their guests – and the g hotel in Galway here…
The exterior of The g Hotel in Galway.
.. with it’s fabulous Pink Salon…
The Pink Salon in The g hotel in Galway.
.. luxurious bathrooms…
Bathroom in one of the bedroom suites at the g hotel in Galway.
.. spa, pool, bars and stunning function rooms for any occasion…
The Event suite at the g Hotel in Galway.
.. is no different.

However, those were not the images that they wanted – or should I say: needed enough to want to pay me for the use of.

So what did they need ?

Well, as you may know, most people today book on-line, via the web – so what they needed us to provide them with, was a set of images to help them to get people to click on that Book Now button.
So the big question was: What are they (the hotel’s guests) actually buying here ?

Bedrooms – a room for the night – was what it basically boiled down to.

So that was what this hotel needed:- For us to produce & then provide them with a number of images of their different bedrooms, for them to use to let their guests see what they would actually be getting for their money, should they click on that Book Now button.


In other words, pictures of bedrooms, like their Superior room…
Superior room.
.. styled and lit:
Superior room at The g hotel in Galway.

Or their bright & spacious Deluxe rooms – showing it as two single beds…
Setting up the shot in the Deluxe room.
.. styled and lit…
Deluxe room at The g hotel in Galway.
.. as well as a double bed…
Setting up the shot in the Deluxe room.
.. styled and lit:
Deluxe room at The g hotel in Galway.

Their Luxury room…
Luxury room.
.. styled and lit:
Luxury room at at The g hotel in Galway.

Their magnificent Junior Suite…
Junior Suite.
.. styled and lit…
Junior Suite at at The g hotel in Galway.
.. and naturally their three breathtaking Speciality Suites too.

The Atrium Suite – offering panoramic views over Lough Atalia…
The view from the Atrium Suite.
.. which I felt was a USP rather than the city skyline…
Atrium Suite.
.. styled and lit…
Atrium Suite at The g hotel in Galway.
.. making this is a bright and airy room – especially now that we could see that view of the Lough wink

The elegant and opulent Corner Suite…
Corner Suite.
.. which was by far the most difficult to light or control – due to the very strong sunlight…
Corner Suite at The g hotel in Galway.
.. which they say is ideal for either an intimate business meeting or special celebration.

And finally the Evangelista suite – which is pure, unadulterated luxury.
Located on the second floor – it has panoramic views of Lough Atalia, a spacious living room…
Evangelista suite at The g hotel in Galway.
.. with an ‘open air’ private dining area…
Open air private dining area in the Evangelista suite at the g hotel.
.. which I talked about creating here yesterday: g whizz.

Of the living room there is The Bedroom
Setting up the bedroom shot in Evangelista suite.
.. with a super king sized bed – which reportedly was Linda Evangelista’s own bed…
The bedroom in the Evangelista suite at The g hotel in Galway.
.. the one she refused to get out of for anything less than £10,000 wink

Plus the en-suite facilities which included an oversized double shower and stand-alone Villeroy & Boch bath…
The bathroom in the Evangelista suite at The g hotel in Galway.
.. which just blew me away – but boy was shooting a room full of mirrors a challenge or what wink

So that’s what they needed from us: To provide them with some images here, of just their bedrooms – so as they could then use those images to show to their guests – so as their guests could then see what they would be getting for their money, should they click on that Book Now button.

Which would be for: A room for the night – or more if they like – but not just any old room as you can see smile

From Marie & me @ … just for you.

January 7, 2014

g whizz.

Was my thinking here – after we recced this hotel in Galway…
The recce shot.
.. and took this image – as this is an area within the most expensive bedroom suite in their hotel – which is a luxury 5 Star hotel – and this is, therefore, one of their unique selling points (USP) of this room – which they had said they wanted us to look at shooting for them – so as they could use an image of this area, to help market and sell this luxury bedroom suite, to their guests, should they want to use it.

So if they are wanting others to pay them for the use their thing here – just as we are wanting them to pay us for the use our thing here – then I reckon we will BOTH need to do a lot better than this Wink

In our concept report, which we sent to them beforehand, we wrote…

Table set for breakfast OR for evening drinks, this would look great. Possibly a businessman or a couple with their backs to the camera looking out admiring the view – much depends on your market for this suite.

.. to which they simply replied: “That sounds good”.

Great – so where do we begin !!

Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m going to let my pictures speak for themselves here – by letting you see some of the pictures I took during this shoot – which started with me getting the camera in place and Marie positioned the table & chairs first…
Setting up the shot.
.. before she started to add a few wee personal touches…
Setting up the shot.
.. while I set-up some lights, etc – which then became this more formal setting…
Setting up the shot.
.. which still didn’t seem quite right – so after a total re-think on our part, about who their target market was here…
Setting up the shot.
.. and discussing all of that with their Sales and Marketing Director, Oonagh …
Setting up the shot.
.. we ended up with this…
Open air dining area in the Linda Evangelista suite at the g Hotel in Galway.
.. which was the final image, that we presented to them – of this open-air dining area in the Linda Evangelista suite at the g Hotel in Galway.

So the next time you say to me: ‘g whizz – why so much to take a picture’ – well now you know what I mean, when I say: There is a difference between taking a picture that you can use and create an image that you will want to use !! Wink

From Marie & me @… just for you !

September 21, 2010

The g…

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.. hotel in Galway – is now on YouTube…

The g Hotel Galway

One of the top 5 star hotels in Ireland, the g hotel Galway combines modern designs with a relaxed atmosphere.
Design director, Philip Treacy, created dramatic interiors, where the emphasis is on luxury and glamour with personalised service so guests receive the best of Irish hospitality.

The g Hotel.
Tel: +353 (0)91 865200

June 11, 2010

A collection of beautiful Irish Hotel images…

.. captured over the past few years.

The book includes our most current images of: Doonbeg Golf & Spa Resort, Breaffy House, Clare Inn, Dromoland Castle, The George Hotel, Killyhevlin Hotel, The Burlington Hotel, West County, South Court and the amazing 5 Star ‘g’ Hotel in Galway.

Plus stunning images of Castle Leslie, the various Carlton Hotels and the Hastings Hotels – to name but a few.

Book called Irish Hotels by Ashley Morrison and Marie McMillen showing some of the pages containing images produced at Ashford Castle in County Mayo.

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