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November 25, 2010

The northern tip.

Just back from shooting a fabulous little Irish cottage…
Sarah and Geoff Mitchell's cottage called Paddy Mors near Fanad Head in County Donegal.
.. owed by Sarah & Geoff Mitchell, near Fanad Head at the northern tip of Donegal – famous for its stunning scenery and magnificent lighthouse.

So needless to say, we couldn’t go all that way and not photograph the lighthouse…
Fanad Head lighthouse in County Donegal.
.. despite freezing weather and high winds…
.. and also take some shots of Sarah and her little twin boys, Rupert and Archie, too…
Sarah Mitchell walking with her twins near Fanad Head in County Donegal.
.. walking along the winding lighthouse road – before enjoying a pint of Guinness in front of a roaring fire in the local pub to warm us up 🙂

Anyway, the storyline:

Geoff is a builder and Sarah previously worked in the media but is now a full-time Mum.

Both Sarah and Geoff spent many childhood holidays in Northern Donegal and always dreamt of one day buying a holiday home there.
After several years of looking, they finally found this little place.
It is located in Fanad Head which is virtually the most Northernly tip of Ireland and consists of a stunning lighthouse, approx 8 traditional houses and a pub !! The cottage was very dilapidated and run down but the couple have completely re-furbished it.

So started in the living room…
Setting up the living room shot Sarah and Geoff Mitchell's cottage.
.. which Marie quickly styled while I lit it up…
Living room in Sarah and Geoff Mitchell's cottage.
.. before going into the kitchen, which clearly required a few Red Bulls…
Setting up the kitchen shot Sarah and Geoff Mitchell's cottage.
.. and some major tiding too …
The kitchen in Sarah and Geoff Mitchell's cottage.
.. as we had been using this room as our base – before heading up to the bedrooms…
Setting up the bedroom shot Sarah and Geoff Mitchell's cottage.
.. which I just loved…
Master bedroom in Sarah and Geoff Mitchell's cottage.
.. everything about.

Anyway, just like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Sarah & Geoff, who own Paddy Mors cottage here, for making us feel so welcome.

They sure have done a fantastic job – as it’s the perfect hideaway to enjoy a complete break & just relax.
So we hope the Editors will like it too – and look forward to seeing the full set images in print real soon.

From Marie & me in beautiful county of Donegal.

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