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November 20, 2011

Dark & Stormy

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It was a while since we had an amp night on the town, so we made up for it at the weekend 🙂

Starting in our fave bar The Spaniard, where Stuart led us astray by suggesting Dark & Stormy cocktails…
.. which sure went down well.

Ginger beer, loads of freshly squeezed lime, angostura bitters and Barbadian dark rum – very nice indeed!

Then it was on to Little Wing for pizzas.
It was fantastic for Belfast to have hosted the MTV awards event the other week – there were a load of A listers in town – and guess where Katy Perry happened to end up…
.. yep, check out the flag above my head.

“Katy Perry was sitting right here.”

So Katey obviously has great taste too 🙂

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