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September 19, 2010

Lynch Hotels…

.. in Ireland – now on YouTube.

Which shows the series of images we produced at their various hotels this year, for them to use.

Lynch Hotels – Your Family Welcome

Lynch Hotels is an Irish-owned company and one of the largest hotel groups in Ireland with hotels in Mayo, hotels in Clare and hotels in Limerick and over 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar, Co Mayo boasts two fabulous hotels located on 90 acres of beautiful woodland estate; Breaffy House Hotel & Spa, the ideal place for a romantic spa getaway, and the family-friendly Breaffy Woods Hotel, in addition to the Breaffy Sports & Events Arena.

Lynch Hotels also offer a range of great services to business travelers, including free Wi-Fi access, and convenient locations such as the Clare Inn Hotel near Shannon Airport and The George Boutique Hotel in Limerick City Centre.

Relax with a drink in the hotels lively bars or enjoy the fantastic leisure centres available in all our family friendly hotels plus while you relax, the kids will enjoy hours of fully supervised entertainment and activities in our Lynch Hotel Kids programmes.

Lynch Hotels
Tel: +353 65 68 23000


April 11, 2010

Southward bound.

Also shooting at South Court Hotel this week – which was the last of the 6 Lynch Hotels on this assignment.

Just 3 images to create here – the bar, which started out looking like this…
Setting up the bar shot.
.. and end up looking like this…
The Boru's Porterhouse bar at the South Court Hotel in Limerick.
.. with me, as usual, propping it up, while chatting-up a beautiful woman ๐Ÿ™‚

The lobby area was next, which started out looking like this…
Setting up the lobby shot.
.. and end up looking like this…
The Lobby area at the South Court Hotel in Limerick.
.. and then one of the bedroom suites, which after some re-arranging of the furniture to suit the camera…
Setting up the bedroom shot.
.. end up looking like this…
Bedroom suite at the South Court Hotel Limerick City.
.. all of which took a longer to shoot than I thought.

Still, in and out in a day – before finally heading home for a well-deserved break.


Go West.

Just back from shooting at the West County Hotel in Ennis this week…
Setting-up for wedding room image.
.. with Renae, Frances and Aishleen from the hotel.

A tough one as the place was busy…
Setting-up for lobby image.
..and so we had to work around their guests…
The Lobby area at the West County Hotel in Ennis.
.. to capture the different areas throughout this very popular County Clare hotel.

Anyway, here are some of the images produced – showing how it started out..
Setting-up the pool shot.
.. and then what the final image looked like – for example, the swimming pool…
The swimming pool at the West County Hotel in Ennis.
.. the bar…
Setting-up the bar shot.
.. which as always took a while to set-up and light..
The bar at the West County Hotel in Ennis.
.. Cafe West restaurant…
Setting-up the Cafe West shot.
.. which was fun…
Cafe West at the West County Hotel in Ennis.
.. plus the main restaurant…
Setting-up the Restaurant shot.
.. which required a little bit of pushing and shoving…
The restaurant at the West County Hotel in Ennis.
.. plus one of the bedrooms…
Setting-up a bedroom shot.
.. where we put up a few pictures…
Bedroom at the West County Hotel in Ennis.
..and finally the large function room…
Setting-up the function room shot.
.. which we in the end decided to focus on one table…
The function room at West County Hotel.
.. yours – as it’s your big day after all.

A total of eight images produced in the end, before heading south to shoot the last of their hotels – so watch this space for more on that later – and in the meantime, we’d just like to say a big thanks to the everyone involved here at the West County Hotel, for their help and making us feel so welcome.

From Marie, Stuart & me.

March 12, 2010

Clare Inn and the George.

We have been shooting at the Clare Inn Hotel in County Clare…
The Clare Inn Hotel in Co Clare
.. and at the George Hotel in Limerick this week…
George Hotel
.. to create images like this…
George Hotel
.. as well as many others.

My favorite image has to be this one, of the Blue Dolphin Kids Club
Blue Dolphin Kids Club at the Clare Inn Hotel in Co Clare.
.. at the Clare Inn – which was kind-of a fun shot, that came together very smoothly once the kids arrived… who were brilliant – as was Stuart too…
.. in an entertaining way to boot ๐Ÿ™‚

However, Renae here…
Renae in the restaurant at the George Hotel.
.. the Group Marketing Manager for the Lynch Hotels – has been a Star throughout these shoots.
Totally organised and on top of everything, hence the results:

The Sunlounge meeting room…
Sunlounge at the Clare Inn Hotel.
.. the lounge in the reception area…
Lounge area at the Clare Inn Hotel.
.. the Deerfield restaurant…
Deerfield Restaurant at the Clare Inn Hotel.
.. and the restaurant at the George Hotel in Limerick…
The restaurant at The George Hotel in Limerick
.. to show just a few.

So big thanks to everyone involved, as it was quite a week – from Marie & me.

February 27, 2010

Breaffy Woods

We have been shooting down in County Mayo this week – with Renae and the team…
Setting up
.. at the Breaffy Hotels, to create some new images of their various rooms – like this bedroom suite…
Setting up the bedroom suite.
.. which when lit and styled…
Bedroom suite at the Breaffy House Hotel.
.. looked amazing for a 3 Star hotel in my opinion.

So was glad to have Stuart on board here…
Setting up
.. to help with the lighting – and Marie too, as her magic touches transformed this room …
Honeymoon suite at the Breaffy House Hotel.
.. and this one too…
Restaurant at the Breaffy House Hotel.
.. to become two of my favoriteโ€‹ images.

Anyway, like I said before, it was all hands on board…
Setting up the Library shot.
.. as we shot the different areas throughout their hotel, like this Library…
The Library at the Breaffy House Hotel.
.. which we felt was a unique selling point too.

Then it was across to Breaffy Woods Hotel to shot a number of rooms there, including this large function room…
Setting up the bar shot.
.. which needless to say was a challenge to light, but we finally got there in the end…
The bar at the Breaffy Woods Hotel.
.. and I even managed to get a drink at the bar ๐Ÿ™‚

So 12 images in total – including this one of the exterior of Breaffy House
Breaffy House Hotel.
.. which was taken in the morning, just as we were packing & leaving.

So that’s what we have been up to this week, down at Breaffy Woods in Castlebar.


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