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August 16, 2013

Striking a pose…

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.. and conveying a message.

We tend to specialize mainly in interiors these days – but we still occasionally do other types of shoots too – such as this one…
Brian Baird of the Repstor team sitting in the car studio.
.. which was shot in our studio a few days ago.

From my perspective, in terms of lighting & composition, it was very straightforward – as it was basically just a one light job in the cove.

However, with this type of shoot, it’s important for the client to think through the style of shots that will work best for the company – dress code, setting, poses and so on.

In this case, the Marketeer had a very clear vision of the images and message she wanted to convey for a new software company called Repstor – even for the slightly more formal line up, expressions were relaxed and approachable. Everyone was simply asked to wear what they normally would wear…
Brian Baird of the Repstor team.
.. be it smart casual, suits or whatever !!

And then to convey more of everyone’s individual personality, they each brought a prop…
Alan McMillen of the Repstor team.
.. for a more light-hearted feel.

And finally, there was young Theo, who was ‘The Star’ for the upside down shot…
.. with the promise of some much coveted Lego pieces greatly helping 🙂

So just some very simple shots, to help them convey the message that they want to tell about themselves & their company – which was a little bit different for us these days.


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