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August 12, 2012

London 2012 experience.

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Yes, we were there!

However, it unfortunately wasn’t for what is being described as “the greatest show on earth” – the London 2012 Olympics – it was to take a look at a stylish hotel near Hyde Park…
Marie at the Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel.
.. and recce it for a possible photo-shoot in the future.

Whereby we took lots of quick shots like this…
bedroom at Blakemore.
.. of all the various rooms and areas – and then put together a concept report. Which in this case we would have said…

“This one might suggest a hint of high end corporate because of the office chair- possibly a business lady? So laptop etc but also a few subtle accessories picking out the duck egg cushion – e.g. handbag, magazines, flowers etc”.

.. and then we would have shown an example like this…
Clouds Signature room at the Carlton Dublin Airport Hotel.
.. to let them see the sort of final image we had in mind.

As “talking a great picture” is one thing, but producing a great image that they will actually want to use in the end, is a totally different thing altogether. So, therefore, we do like to show examples of what we have produced in the past for others to use – as well as show them what it looked like to start with – hence the Before & After section on on website.

Anyway, being so close to the Olympic Stadium meant they were naturally very busy, and so we just had to work around the staff…
bedroom at Blakemore.
.. as we tried to find angles which we felt would work to convey the message of what they had to offer here.

Okay, it may not have been Dromoland Castle but…
dining area at Blakemore.

“We think this dining area is most appealing and potentially a priority shot. In particular we love the fact that you can look out to such an attrctive avenue – our feeling is that the USP is all about “bringing the outside in” – and therefore draw the eye to people sitting outside. So we’d suggest shooting daytime or late evening”.

.. it could look just as good…
The Club House at Dromoland Castle in County Clare.
.. if handled right.

Anyway, that was our London 2012 experience – which was probably as close as we will ever get to being at the Olympics – but we can now always say we were there, to “inspire a generation” to come, in our own wee way 🙂

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