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December 21, 2013

Creating the images at Mount Juliet.

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Youtube video is now live, which shows the series of images taken earlier this year, from the start of two different bedroom shots to the final result.

Going from this…
Honeymoon suite before
.. to this…
Honeymoon bedroom suite at Mount Juliet Country Estate in County Kilkenny.
.. and this…
Bedroom before
.. to this…
Bedroom suite at Mount Juliet Country Estate in County Kilkenny.
.. to show what all was done.

So enjoy…

.. from Marie, Stuart & me @ ampimage.comjust for you!

May 21, 2013

Plan B

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Well, we were back at Mount Juliet in County Kilkenny – the plan being that we would take advantage of the summer weather this time – as it was late in October that we were down here last.

So Plan A is to shoot outdoors – to show the various activities that are available to guests on this amazing country estate.

Plan B – as this is Ireland and it will therefore probably rain – is to shoot some of the other indoor areas & rooms that we hadn’t captured before.

Anyway, thankfully I fixed the leaking sunroofs on the Land Rover, because on day one it poured down – and so it was Plan B – kicking of in a room we had already shot before, but this time the goal was to make it look more like a bridal suite – for the wedding section on their website & brochures.

So it was all hands on board to turn this room…
Honeymoon suite before.
.. into a Honeymoon suite…
Honeymoon bedroom suite at Mount Juliet Country Estate in County Kilkenny.
.. before a bite of lunch.

Then it was up to the top floor to shoot Room 28 – as the guests had just left – which was a room that had been recently re-decorated. So once it again it was all hands on board…
Bedroom suite before.
.. making the bed & styling the room, before lighting it…
Bedroom suite at Mount Juliet Country Estate in County Kilkenny.
.. which was tricky enough to achieve considering the weather outside.

Anyway, continuing with Plan B, it was then over to the Clubhouse to shoot the locker room – which everyone seemed to want to be in…
Setting up in the Locker room after.
.. however, it ended up looking like this…
Golf locker room at Mount Juliet Country Estate in County Kilkenny.
.. before we finally shot the reception area in the Spa and then calling it a day.

So 4 down but lots to go – should the sun come out to play.

January 27, 2010

Honeymoon suite plus.

We were back down at Doonbeg Golf & Spa Resort this week, to produce some more images to cover weddings and show their newly refurbished Link Cottages.

To the eye, the newly refurbished Link’s Cottage looked great; however, the camera does sometimes see things very differently – as you can see here…
Setting-up the Link's cottage shot.
.. but with a wee bit of pushing & shoving – a blast of light, plus some Marie magic added to the mix…
The link cottages.
.. we had our first image in the bag pretty quickly- as this is what we do.

First I set up the camera to get the framing…
Setting-up the kitchen shot in Link's cottage.
.. then we re-arranged things to suit the camera – and while I work on the lighting, Marie adds the finishing touches…
Setting-up the kitchen shot in Link's cottage.
.. without saying anything to one another sometimes, until we both stop – and say…
The kitchen in the Link's cottage.
.. I’m happy with that.

Anyway, shooting the cottage was just like shooting a home – which we regularly do for the national magazines – so that was easy 🙂

The tricker shots where the wedding ones – as those actually needed to be created.
So after some discussion with Ray (the marketing manager) and having looked a few different rooms, we decided that this one…
Setting-up the Honeymoon suite.
.. would be the most suitable, to be turned into a honeymoon suite.

So once again, while I worked on the lighting, Marie…
Marie McMillen.
.. when about doing her thing.

It took forever – but in the end we where all very pleased with the final result…
Honeymoon suite at Doonbeg Golf & Spa Resort.
.. and so now Doonbeg has officially got themselves a Honeymoon suite 🙂

Anyway, that’s what we were up to this week – as we worked with Ray here, to let the world see what this amazing place has to offer.

Cheers, from Marie & me.

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