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January 25, 2011

How beautiful images…

.. and a photo shoot can change peoples’ perceptions and feelings for their home.

A lot of the discussion at yesterday’s shoot was whether the owners of this very pretty cottage style bungalow…
Patricia and Christopher Abbott's detached cottage in the County Down town of Bangor.
.. should move to a larger house in order to get more space – or stay put and extend.

They’d tried putting their home on the market – but selling homes in the current climate is difficult, to say the least!!
After a while, people trying to sell their home can become very disenfranchised and disheartened.
They begin to wonder “what’s wrong with my home” !!

So when a team like ourselves come along ‘out of the blue’ and tell them their home is gorgeous and we’d like to shoot it for a magazine – it often reminds folk why they fell in love with the home and bought it in the first place.

And then when they see our final images, which are all about lifestyle…
Patricia Abbott in the living room of her detached cottage in Bangor.
.. and atmosphere…
Patricia Abbott in the living room of her detached cottage in Bangor.
.. which is different to how the Estate Agency’s photographer’s picture below looks…
.. which is more about showing the space – they suddenly seem to look at their home with fresh eyes, remember the lovely times they’ve enjoyed there…
Finuala in her bedroom.
.. and begin to feel happy with it once again.

Which this is actually something we’re encountering quite a lot, especially over the last few years.

And the upshot with yesterday’s shoot – well Yes, it very much looks like the Patricia and Christopher are going to stay put and extend.
They have remembered what a unique home they have and why they fell in love with it in the first place !!

Anyway, just like to say a big thanks to Patricia and Christopher for making us feel so welcome yesterday – and we hope you & your family enjoy your new found unique home, for many more years to come 🙂

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