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January 18, 2014

Until the next time.

Kicked of the second day at the Ice House in one of their deluxe bedrooms…
Setting up a bedroom shot at the Ice House Hotel.
.. with little sign of any good weather in sight according to the met office.

There remains no let up in sight to the unsettled conditions with showers or periods of rain expected to continue over the rest of the week and into next week.

So it was a case of trying to create the feeling that the sun was shining in here – as their unique selling point of these rooms was very much to do with the amazing river view outside the windows – which meant Marie ended up not only having to style the room – using mainly items which FoxFord Woollen Mills had kindly offered to let us use – but also having taken this shot too…
Deluxe bedroom at the Ice House Hotel in Ballina.
.. while I acted as her assistant and held the lights in place.

As I’d often say to clients: I can light up a room, but I can’t light up the world – we are good, but not that good 🙂

So this was a case of having to think a wee bit outside the box here – and then making a call on what else was worth trying to shoot, as it was very dark and grey outside.

In other words, avoid windows if at all possible, was my thinking – and so we decided to shoot the bathroom in one of the Heritage bedroom suites…
Bathroom in one of the Heritage bedroom suites at the Ice House Hotel in Ballina.
.. which we both felt looked amazing and was a unique selling point of theirs for sure.

Before setting up to create the last image, which wasn’t for me looking worried…
Setting up in the kitchen at the Ice House Hotel.
.. but was their head chef Anthony Holland…
Head Chef Anthony Holland at the Ice House Hotel in Ballina.
.. while he added some final touches to his creations.

And so with little sign of good weather insight, we decided to leave it at that – which was a bit of a shame really, as there was still so much more we could have shot if the weather had been better.

Anyway, until the next time, as they say – that was basically it for us.

So just like to say a big thanks to everyone involved – especially to Carmel from The Marketing Department, Ken form the Ice House Hotel and the folk at FoxFord for helping us out here.

Oh, and special thanks to the models too – as you were both great to work with.

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