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December 19, 2013

Pianciano Holiday Rentals

Received a request this week from an old client in Italy, who emailed me to say:

A new agency, Holiday Rentals, wants to see your authorization before publishing your photos.

Which I found very interesting – but was actually very pleased to read – as all to often these days, people don’t ask or double check this sort of thing, before going ahead and publishing images, especially on the internet or Worldwide web.

Anyway, this document…
Licence to use
.. is what Claudia was asking for – which I talked about here: Licence to use – and why I highly recommend all photographers use it, to avoid misunderstandings down the road.

So I was very pleased to hear that this Holiday Rentals company was asking for such a thing, rather than just assuming that the person who owned the property, had actually obtained the Rights to use the images from the photographer first.

Anyway, besides this, it was also lovely to have another look at those images again and remember those amazing roads trips across Europe and how we stumbled across this place which Claudia & Francesco call Pianciano – which is a stunning haven in the heart of Umbria.
Comprising of a number villas and this beautiful swimming pool…
swimming pool
.. and relaxation area…
relaxation area
.. on the side of a mountain.

La Roccia villa was the first one we shot, when we first met Francesco 8 years ago, as seen here…
Francesco Bachetoni outside La Roccia villa
.. sitting outside enjoying the view.
This was one of the smallest of the villas, but nevertheless, we just loved what they had done inside…
The living room in La Roccia villa.
.. which included a lovely country kitchen…
The kitchen in La Roccia villa.
.. and three very nice rustic bedrooms like this…
Main bedroom in La Roccia villa.
.. all of which we captured before heading north to shoot 3 other properties, before returning a few days later to shoot L’Arco…
L'Arco villa in the Pianciano hamlet near Spoleto.
.. which was amazing…
The living room in L'Arco villa.
.. from every angle…
The living room in L'Arco villa.
.. as it appeared to be built out of the side of the mountain, so the doorways…
leading into the dining room in L'Arco villa.
.. and rooms themselves, like this dining room…
The dining room in L'Arco villa.
.. just blew us away.

And the view…
The view from L'Arco villa.
.. well needless to say, we both just loved this place.

So when they asked us back a few years later – to shoot IL Cipresso…
IL Cipresso villa in the Pianciano hamlet.
.. with it’s beautiful courtyard area…
Courtyard area at IL Cipresso villa.
.. country kitchen…
The kitchen area in IL Cipresso villa.
.. and bedrooms like this…
Master bedroom in IL Cipresso villa.
.. and this…
Bedroom in IL Cipresso villa.
.. we jumped at it.

And of course, while we were there with all the gear, we shoot their own personal villa…
Claudia & Francesco Bachetoni's villa near Spoleto in Italy.
.. which later appeared in the July issue of Period Living magazine…
Pages 82 to 86 of the July 2010 issue of Period Living magazine.
.. on pages 82 to 86.

Oh, I want to be there right now…
.. but in the meantime, I’d just like to thank the Holiday Rentals company for not assuming here – and of course thank Claudia for this wee trip down memory lane – which I thought I’d share with you all, as this all happened before I started Blogging – which is a bit of a same, as those road trips across Europe to shoot places like this where truly amazing.

Anyway – here is Pianciano should you fancy something a wee bit different – which I can highly recommend, as I truly loved everything about this place.


October 17, 2013

No.1 in Europe…

.. and 4 in the top 15.

Yes the results are in from the latest Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards – and so we would would like to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to 4 of the hotels in the Top 20 Resorts in Europe:

Top 20
.. whom we have had the great pleasure to worked with over the past few years – providing images for them to use to show the world what they have to offer.

The Lodge at Doonbeg
.. who we last talked about shooting for here: Nothing between here and America & here in September of last year.

Dromoland Castle
.. who we last talked about shooting for here: Capturing the atmosphere and also when they won the 2012 Fodor’s top 100 hotels in the world Royal pedigree award.

Ashford Castle
.. who we last talked about shooting for here: Welcome to Ashford Castle as well as back in July 2010 when we first meet.

.. and Mount Juliet
.. who we talked about shooting for in May of this year as well as back in November 2012.

Plus an even bigger CONGRATULATIONS to Ray and everyone at the Lodge at Doonbeg for not only being ranked number one here in Europe, but for also being ranked number 20 the Top 100 Hotels & Resorts in the World:
Top 100

“What appears to be an aristocrat’s stately nineteenth-century seaside manor was in fact built in 2006 by the developers of South Carolina’s Kiawah Island and designed entirely by Americans. But what is very real about Doonbeg (and all that really matters) is its stunning setting on a remote whitecapped bay in west County Clare, the perfection of its every detail, and staff who are easily among the most welcoming in Ireland. Accommodations are in one- to four-bedroom suites with high ceilings, gas fireplaces, kitchens, and sumptuous beds. The centerpiece of the resort is the Greg Norman–designed course mowed through the rolling marram grass dunes.”

Which as you can see from their most recent ad…
.. they are extremely proud of too – and rightly so, as that is an absolutely astounding result.

So a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to each of you once again – a fantastic result indeed – and thank-you too for choose us at ampimage to capture you’re places – which we’d obviously like to think, (greatly) helped add to your success here smile

From Marie, me and the rest of the team @

May 27, 2011

Déjà View…

.. is the title of our latest published work in the July 2011 issue of Period Living magazine…
Pages 74 to 82 in the July 2011 issue of Period Living magazine featuring Janet and Ken Hamilton's villa called 'Jasmin' near the French Riviera village of St Paul de Vence.
.. on pages 74 to 80 – featuring Janet and Ken Hamilton’s villa called ‘Jasmin’ near the French Riviera village of St Paul de Vence.

“When Janet and Ken Hamilton started looking for a French getaway to renovate they were delighted to find a villa they’d stayed in years before.”

And this lovely wee note from the magazine’s Features Editor…
Compliment slip
.. which really made my day smile

Plus we are also delighted to hear that the feature has already attracted a very nice enquiry – a reader who has just seen the villa in the magazine, wrote to say: “simply have to stay there”.
Having stayed there for the photoshoot, we can totally endorse the fact that it is stunning.
Janet & Ken did a superb job on it in every way – the ultimate “I want to be there” sort of place – overlooking the French Riviera village of Saint-Paul de Vence.

So a big Merci to everyone involved – nous voulons être là aussi.

À la votre
Marie & me.

October 12, 2010


Woke up this morning to a beautiful day here in Saint Paul-de-Vence
The view from Janet's balcony.
.. and so we decided to make the most of the good weather and the amazing view…
The view from Janet Hamilton's villa 'Jasmin' near the French Riviera village of Saint Paul-de-Vence.
.. from the balcony of Janet’s villa – which we were shooting today.

The storyline:

The setting is simply out of this world – you can clearly see the stunning medieval village of St Paul De Vence from the balcony – and the villa itself was built in traditional Provençal style. Every direction you turn, there are beautiful towns and places to see and visit – from sleepy little villages in the mountains to buzzy cosmopolitan towns on the coast – bliss!!

Janet and her husband Ken toyed with all sorts of ideas about furnishing and decorating their villa – which incidentally is called Jasmin Villa because Jasmin trails over the balcony – when you throw open the shutters, the scent fills the air and is something else !!

Anyway, it was then into the main bedroom, which Marie sorted out very quickly…
Setting up the bedroom shot in Janet's villa.
.. while I lit it up to complete the dream…
The main bedroom in Janet Hamilton's villa 'Jasmin' near the French Riviera village of Saint Paul-de-Vence.
.. before finally heading down to courtyard area…
Setting up the courtyard shot at Janet's villa.
.. which Marie styled to perfection…
The courtyard at Janet Hamilton's villa 'Jasmin' near the French Riviera village of Saint Paul-de-Vence.
.. as I put up netting to reduce the contrast, before we sat down to enjoy what we had just shot 🙂

So that was basically day 4 – which we would like to thank Coup de Foudre for the tablecloth and cushions – and Janet for giving us the opportunity to produce such lovely images – in what has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

From Marie & me – in the French Riviera.

October 11, 2010

Coup de Foudre

Saint Paul-de-Vence in the South of France.

We are currently working with Liz and Jim Gibney who provide a complete interior design and refurbishment service. Today’s shoot was in their very stylish shop/studio which is located in a beautiful historic building in the heart of the town.

As well as wanting great images for their new website and marketing campaign, Liz and Jim are keen to promote their business on an ongoing basis using the various forms of social networking. This certainly seems to be increasingly a major element of any current marketing campaign these days ……. the way of the future ?????

Great to work with such a pleasant and professional couple – good “craic” as well as hard work !!

When a few finishing tweaks were needed to enhance this image, Jim swung into action…
all hands on deck
.. to re-position a chandelier and fit curtain poles, etc, as photoshoots such as this…
The interior of 'Coup de Foudre' in the French Riviera village of Saint-Paul de Vence.
.. are often about ‘all hands to the deck’ !!

Anyway, a great day’s work – and very pleased with how it’s going…
The interior of 'Coup de Foudre' in the French Riviera village of Saint-Paul de Vence.
.. so looking forward to capturing more of their projects later in the week.

That was day 3 from Marie & me in Saint Paul-de-Vence.

September 15, 2010

The Italian Job

Five homes in Italy – from our trip across Europe in 2006.

1. Tia and Bruce Weissman’s Italian villa called ‘Casa Lara’ which is located near the town of Amelia in Umbria.
Tia Weissman outside her Italian villa called 'Casa Lara' which is located near the town of Amelia in Umbria.

2. Dizzi Alfons’ 18th-century former farmhouse near the medieval town of Lucca in the northern Tuscany region.
Dizzi Alfons' 18th-century former farmhouse set in a rural estate near the medieval town of Lucca in the northern Tuscany region of Italy.

3. David Law’s converted mill in the Marches region.
David Law's converted mill in the Marches region of Italy

4. Helen and Peter Hannick’s 18th century Italian farmhouse near Amelia in Umbria.
Helen and Peter Hannick's 18th century Italian farmhouse near Amelia in Umbria.

5. Claudia and Francesco Bachetoni’s villa called L’Arco in the Pianciano hamlet near Spoleto.
Claudia and Francesco Bachetoni's villa called L'Arco in the Pianciano hamlet near Spoleto in Italy.


February 27, 2010

Breaffy Woods

We have been shooting down in County Mayo this week – with Renae and the team…
Setting up
.. at the Breaffy Hotels, to create some new images of their various rooms – like this bedroom suite…
Setting up the bedroom suite.
.. which when lit and styled…
Bedroom suite at the Breaffy House Hotel.
.. looked amazing for a 3 Star hotel in my opinion.

So was glad to have Stuart on board here…
Setting up
.. to help with the lighting – and Marie too, as her magic touches transformed this room …
Honeymoon suite at the Breaffy House Hotel.
.. and this one too…
Restaurant at the Breaffy House Hotel.
.. to become two of my favorite​ images.

Anyway, like I said before, it was all hands on board…
Setting up the Library shot.
.. as we shot the different areas throughout their hotel, like this Library…
The Library at the Breaffy House Hotel.
.. which we felt was a unique selling point too.

Then it was across to Breaffy Woods Hotel to shot a number of rooms there, including this large function room…
Setting up the bar shot.
.. which needless to say was a challenge to light, but we finally got there in the end…
The bar at the Breaffy Woods Hotel.
.. and I even managed to get a drink at the bar 🙂

So 12 images in total – including this one of the exterior of Breaffy House
Breaffy House Hotel.
.. which was taken in the morning, just as we were packing & leaving.

So that’s what we have been up to this week, down at Breaffy Woods in Castlebar.


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