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October 19, 2013

The head or the heart…

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.. are often the two main things that it comes down when making a buying decision.

The head is the logical stuff which one’s accountant will talk about.

The heart … well, it’s often not logically at all, but it’s like the stuff that dreams are made of – which in my line of work, is often what it’s all about – as they do say: “Image is (almost) everything”.

And so for me over the past weeks, I tried to let both have their say – but when I saw this…
Black 2002 Land Rover Discovery TD5 ES Auto
.. the heart won hands down smile

Still, there was some logic behind my decision, as I know quite a bit about these wagons now – having owned one and having had to do a lot of work to it, over the past 3 years.

So I asked all the questions about what had been done to this one – going through the full list of things that I had to do to mine – and naturally had a real good look at the chassis too.

“Better the devil you know than the one you don’t” they say – so here it is…
Black 2002 Land Rover Discovery Td5 ES Auto with black leather interior.
.. a top of the range model this time – which has been fully kitted with just about everything Land Rover could offer at the time:

Black Leather interior.
Electric seats, windows, twin sunroof & door mirrors.
Heated front seats.
Reserve parking sensors.
Centre diff lock.
Traction Control.
Active Cornering Enhancement.
Harmon Kardon amplified audio system.
Cruise control.
Drivers & passenger airbags.
Anti-lock braking system.
Traction control.
Remote central locking.
Alarm + Immobiliser.
Dual zone climate control.
18 inch alloys.
Front fog lights.
Headlight washers.
Heated windscreen.
Rear step.
Side steps.
Extended roof rails …

… and most importantly of all, it’s been Waxoyled underneath…
Waxoyled underneath the Black 2002 Land Rover Discovery TD5 ES Auto.
.. which the previous owner didn’t seem to be aware off – nor to the fact that it had had a spring conversion done too – which was one of the first things I did with my last one, as I got tired of sitting at the side of the roads, waiting for the air suspension system to sort itself out.

Oh, I could write a book about all the problems and things I had to do to my last one – but it’s like none of that really mattered – because I just loved it so much.

This one is however slightly different – in that it’s much smoother and less Defender like to drive, for some strange reason – even though it’s basically the same wagon.

A ‘work horse’ that’s also a bit of ‘show horse’, is how I’d describe it.

Anyway, I managed to stay within my budget, which the head told me I had to do no matter what the heart said – and I think this is a pretty good one too for the price I paid. Time will tell of course – but for now this is the new wagon, which will hopefully transport me & the ampimage team safely, to some wonderfully places across Europe, over the years to come.

So there you have it – the headaches and the heartaches of my recent buying decision smile



April 7, 2011

The roof rack trip…

.. which is what I think I will remember this one most for.

This was the first really long trip in the old Land Rover – and it sure was a trip to remember – as we covered a lot of miles over the last 10 days.
Other than the rear suspension acting up a few times on the first day, it was wonderful.
Left with a box on top and came home with a roof rack too – after placing a bid on eBay a few days beforehand, which I never thought I’d win.
Land Rover Discovery II

So we picked that up on the route; however, it took me a few days to figure out how to get both home, as the box was slightly longer than the rack – plus I still needed the bars, to hold the box in place. But as you can see it all worked out great in the end – so I now have a full width rack, should I need to throw more gear up top – and the big box too, which usually contains a full backup lighting system, as well as other bits & bobs, which we occasionally need when shooting on location.

Anyway, what a great trip – and I can’t wait now for the next one.

November 2, 2010

A good day for ducks…

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.. as they would say in this part of the world – when it’s raining.
But it was also a good day for the ‘new’ wagon to arrive.

After 9 years of driving 3 different black VW Sharan’s, we decided it was time for a change.
So here it is, our ‘new’ and very wet Land Rover…
Discovery II – which will hopefully transport us and all the gear, to many far of places, for years to come.

Want list:
Side Steps.
Sports Bars.
Access Ladder.

Expedition roof rack.
Mondial alloy wheels.

So no doubt over the coming years, we will in & out of The 4×4 Store, in Ards, a few times to see Ian 🙂

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