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September 4, 2016

Forward thinking.

With a shoot coming up a few weeks time, which will mean not only travelling with Dianne & Claudio, but also with all my gear as well as theirs – then it was time to think about how I could put more stuff up on top of the wagon – without spending more than I needed to or putting a roof-rack up there that couldn’t be easily removed by me (on my only) once I was back at the base.

I already have 4 roof bars for the Land Rover – which I bought a few years ago to carry 8×4 sheets of plywood and insulation boards – so at first I considered just using a sheet of marine plywood – which when everything would have been put on top of it and strapped down, would have worked fine.

However, I thought, what about when all the gear is of it – how will I then make sure that it doesn’t fly off?​

Anyway, after having looking once again at all the various roof racks available for this type of Land Rover by various companies throughout the UK – including the beautiful Highlander roof rack by Safety Devices (which neatly follows the profile of the vehicle’s roof), which I absolutely love the look of – I finally decided to call in to see the guys at Coates Engineering, one day after going for my daily swim at the Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex – which is were I tend to do a lot of my ‘forward thinking’ these days, as I remember those wonderful days in the past, when I was actually able to swim more than 100 metres without having to stop to catch my breath wink

Anyway, this was the result…
A 6' x 4' sheet of galvanized​ steel mesh bolted on to the roof bars of the Land Rover.
.. which is a 6′ x 4′ sheet of galvanized​ steel mesh – which they designed some bolts for, as seen here…
A 6' x 4' sheet of galvanized steel mesh bolted on to the roof bars of the Land Rover.
.. to hold it to the roof bars…
A 6' x 4' sheet of galvanized​ steel mesh bolted on to the roof bars of the Land Rover.
.. from underneath…
A 6' x 4' sheet of galvanised steel mesh bolted on to the roof bars of the Land Rover.
.. which is then held in place from above by this little plate…
A 6' x 4' sheet of galvanised steel mesh bolted on to the roof bars of the Land Rover.
.. and squared of at the back to prevent me from catching it as I push the cases up there…
A 6' x 4' sheet of galvanised steel mesh bolted on to the roof bars of the Land Rover.
.. as some of them are quite heavy.

A 6' x 4' sheet of galvanised steel mesh bolted on to the roof bars of the Land Rover.
.. and I think it looks pretty good to, after I painted it black, since image is everything after all wink

So there you have it – a very simple and cost-effective solution in the end – which simply means we are now already to go, on our next exciting adventure smile

October 3, 2015

Discovery II

One look inside my camera case…
Hasselblad system.
.. and you can tell right away that I’m the type of guy who loves a well made classic – which is exactly what the old Hasselbald V system is to me.

A workhorse – that has been beautifully made – which is now almost 20 years old but still going strong… and I love it.

Old School Smile

It’s the same for most of the other equipment I use as well – and so it was again this week ​when I decided to upgrade the wagon.

I remember reading many years ago, about a start-up company called ‘eBay‘ – and how it was fast becoming the place to buy & sell almost anything – which they reckoned back then, would even include things like cars one day.

No way, I thought!!

Well some 20 years on, that was exactly what happen this week – as I’d always wanted a really nice version of the Discovery II – which like the Hasselbald V system, is in my opinion, not only a thing of beauty but a real workhorse too.

Hard to find a really good one now, as they are more than 10 years old; however, after months of looking, I finally saw one in Poulton-le-Fylde – which not only looked like a superb example but also according to Mick from Preesall Garage, who had carefully looked after it for the past 5 years – it was a stunning one too – both inside & out.

Well, here it is…
Land Rover Discovery II ES Premium finished in metallic Java black with Alpaca leather seats.
.. the Land Rover Discovery II ES Premium, finished in Metallic Java Black with Alpaca leather upholstery – now sitting outside the studio – after Marie & I traveled over last week to see it.

So there you have it, the workhorse and it’s all new carriage now awaits… our next Discovery II Smile

April 7, 2011

The roof rack trip…

.. which is what I think I will remember this one most for.

This was the first really long trip in the old Land Rover – and it sure was a trip to remember – as we covered a lot of miles over the last 10 days.
Other than the rear suspension acting up a few times on the first day, it was wonderful.
Left with a box on top and came home with a roof rack too – after placing a bid on eBay a few days beforehand, which I never thought I’d win.
Land Rover Discovery II

So we picked that up on the route; however, it took me a few days to figure out how to get both home, as the box was slightly longer than the rack – plus I still needed the bars, to hold the box in place. But as you can see it all worked out great in the end – so I now have a full width rack, should I need to throw more gear up top – and the big box too, which usually contains a full backup lighting system, as well as other bits & bobs, which we occasionally need when shooting on location.

Anyway, what a great trip – and I can’t wait now for the next one.

November 2, 2010

A good day for ducks…

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.. as they would say in this part of the world – when it’s raining.
But it was also a good day for the ‘new’ wagon to arrive.

After 9 years of driving 3 different black VW Sharan’s, we decided it was time for a change.
So here it is, our ‘new’ and very wet Land Rover…
Discovery II – which will hopefully transport us and all the gear, to many far of places, for years to come.

Want list:
Side Steps.
Sports Bars.
Access Ladder.

Expedition roof rack.
Mondial alloy wheels.

So no doubt over the coming years, we will in & out of The 4×4 Store, in Ards, a few times to see Ian 🙂

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