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January 7, 2014

g whizz.

Was my thinking here – after we recced this hotel in Galway…
The recce shot.
.. and took this image – as this is an area within the most expensive bedroom suite in their hotel – which is a luxury 5 Star hotel – and this is, therefore, one of their unique selling points (USP) of this room – which they had said they wanted us to look at shooting for them – so as they could use an image of this area, to help market and sell this luxury bedroom suite, to their guests, should they want to use it.

So if they are wanting others to pay them for the use their thing here – just as we are wanting them to pay us for the use our thing here – then I reckon we will BOTH need to do a lot better than this Wink

In our concept report, which we sent to them beforehand, we wrote…

Table set for breakfast OR for evening drinks, this would look great. Possibly a businessman or a couple with their backs to the camera looking out admiring the view – much depends on your market for this suite.

.. to which they simply replied: “That sounds good”.

Great – so where do we begin !!

Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m going to let my pictures speak for themselves here – by letting you see some of the pictures I took during this shoot – which started with me getting the camera in place and Marie positioned the table & chairs first…
Setting up the shot.
.. before she started to add a few wee personal touches…
Setting up the shot.
.. while I set-up some lights, etc – which then became this more formal setting…
Setting up the shot.
.. which still didn’t seem quite right – so after a total re-think on our part, about who their target market was here…
Setting up the shot.
.. and discussing all of that with their Sales and Marketing Director, Oonagh …
Setting up the shot.
.. we ended up with this…
Open air dining area in the Linda Evangelista suite at the g Hotel in Galway.
.. which was the final image, that we presented to them – of this open-air dining area in the Linda Evangelista suite at the g Hotel in Galway.

So the next time you say to me: ‘g whizz – why so much to take a picture’ – well now you know what I mean, when I say: There is a difference between taking a picture that you can use and create an image that you will want to use !! Wink

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July 6, 2012

Ireland does golf well

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I may not be a golfer myself, however, I enjoy watching our Irish boys doing well – and it was great to follow the recent Irish Open in Portrush.

We had a most enjoyable meeting and recce trip during the week with the management of Mount Juliet Country Estate – a stunning 5-star resort in County Kilkenny, which includes a championship golf course. The grounds and parkland course are so immaculate, it’s obvious why it is rated so highly and has hosted some major tournaments.

Before shooting a hotel, we spend a lot of time just trying to understand the Client’s needs – so we take loads of recce shots; we listen carefully to the Client and then we produce a Concept Report…
Concept report for Mount Juliet Country Club by Ashley Morrison and Marie McMillen.
.. suggesting images that we feel will work for them over the next few years.

It’s a time-consuming exercise but as our strapline says – “great shots don’t just happen” !!

So hopefully a bit like the Irish Open at Royal Portrush, we will back down to Mount Juliet Country Estate sooner rather than later as a result.

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