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August 28, 2010

Hectic Harmony…

.. and the series of captures which led up to the final images produced, at the CityNorth Hotel in County Meath this week:

It’s hectic – but shows the amount of work and attention to detail, that goes into each and every image – as we piece it together and work around their guests too.
“Great images don’t just happen” – which is something we would often say to clients – and I feel this video shows what we mean by that.

Music: Hectic Harmony by Musicshake.

Enjoy !


August 25, 2010

City North

Just back from shooting at the CityNorth Hotel
The CityNorth Hotel outside Dublin near Gormanston in County Meath.
.. outside Dublin near Gormanston in County Meath.

This one was all about showing the “personality” of the hotel, as well as it’s 4 star facilities.
So we started in the lobby…
One of the first pictures taken in the lobby at CityNorth Hotel.
.. by re-arranging a few things to suit the camera…
Set-up the lobby shot.
.. adding the grand piano…
Set-up the lobby shot.
.. and then lit it up…
The Lobby area in the CityNorth Hotel near Gormanston in County Meath.
.. once we had everything and everyone in place.

Then into the bar area…
Set-up the bar shot.
.. which came together quite quickly…
The bar at the CityNorth Hotel near Gormanston in Co Meath.
.. as the natural light was very good.

The large function room, which they call the Sumerville suite, was more of a challenge…
Set-up the bar shot.
.. as we only had a few table to work with; however, after putting our heads together…
The bar at CityNorth Hotel.
… and trying a few different angles, etc, we decided to go for a more dreamy type image…
Wedding banquet set-up in the Sumerville suite at the CityNorth Hotel near Gormanston in County Meath.
.. and so focused on the beautiful rose covered wedding cake instead.

Anyway, expectations were high and so this was a surprisingly a tough one for us – which I know left us all totally drained – even thought we only produced 6 images in total, which included the above four.

So this is just a wee note to say a huge thanks to Ladonna and all her team here, plus a special thanks to Marie & Scott too.

So from me to you all, thank you.

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