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August 7, 2017

Tucked snugly away from the city streets.

The other main shot that they wanted, was this one…
.. of the terrace area in the centre of the hotel – which we knew the sun would pretty much naturally light from about 3pm onwards.

“Adjoining Dylan Bar, the Terrace is an outdoor oasis. Tucked snugly away from the city streets, it features modern mood lit panelled walls and bamboo planting. The décor is finished by a feature red brick wall, giving it a Japanese Garden meets New York terrace appeal. The cosmopolitan space features comfortable lounge seating, providing the perfect space to relax after a long day at work, or to meet friends on the weekend.
The terrace is also the perfect space for watching any sporting event. It features two outdoor TV’s, and the most highly anticipated events are shown.”

So with 3 images now done and time to spared, we quickly set-up the 4th shot in the bar, to show this seating area…
.. which was the area behind where we had taken this shot from the year before…
.. which I talked about shooting here: Five images.

So while Dianne did a bit of polishing…
.. as well as some heavy breathing…
.. Claudio worked on the lighting…
.. as well as his modelling career wink

Happy with that…
.. as this was the final image produced to show this area…
.. which does have a very different feel to it than this area…
.. which is on the other side of bar.

Anyway, the 5th and final image, as I said before, was of this area:

OUR THINKING: Terrace area.

“Day time – after 4pm.

We like this angle as it shows the different wall surfaces in this area, giving us lots of interest.
4 people plus 1 staff member.
Small cacti for tables or something small with a modern feel.
Drinks for the table in the foreground, light beer and nibbles.
Throws. More planting.
Could the people be dressed in casual, nothing too bright let’s keep the colours soft.”

And so we once again started to set it up for the camera…
.. check…
.. and then waited for a blink of sun…
.. before capturing the team in the positions we felt everyone should be…
.. just before they all arrived…
.. and we made some hand gestures…
.. while Claudio here…
.. once again, worked on his modelling career wink

Seriously though, between his lighting and the Big Guy’s lighting…
.. with everyone now in their place…
.. it wasn’t long before I was standing back…
.. saying: “That’s a rap” – which it was as you can now see…
.. on their website.

And so that was it, time to pack & rack…
.. for the second time that day – smiling from ear to ear…
.. as we were all delighted.

Which just leaves me to say a big Thanks to everyone involved here once again – especially to Elaine & Barry and not forgetting the Big Guy up above – from all of us @

Creating images to tell a story… just for you smile


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