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August 5, 2017

So a decision had to be made.

After shooting the Experience suites the day before – which I talked about here: Between the showers – it was out to shoot the front terrace…
.. the follow morning.

OUR THINKING: Front terrace.

“We like this angle as it shows your unique wicker seating and the contrasting facades.
We would also like the grey storage box removed so we would see a clean line of your wonderful large pots with the olive trees.

6 people, 1 staff would give this area a buzzing atmosphere.
2×2 male and female and 2 ladies.
The 2 ladies would be in the foreground, so how they look would be very important, think ladies in their 30s.

Smart casual dress as they have been shopping, props to suggest.

Food requirements: Coffee and biscuits for the ladies. Club sandwiches and drinks for the table in the background with staff serving.”

So with the camera in roughly the same spot…
.. on what was looking to be another dull day – Claudio when ahead and set-up the lights…
.. but as you can tell from the look on Dianne’s face here…
.. she wasn’t impressed when she looked at this image on the screen…
.. as those three 3K’s were doing very little, as you can see.

No, it wasn’t looking good…
.. as there was no sign of the sun – and I really couldn’t see that it was going to appear anytime soon

So a decision had to be made – as I obviously couldn’t light up the whole world, never mind the front of this building, to make it look like the sun was shining – and so as you can see I wasn’t too happy…
.. as we said our farewells…
.. and started to load the wagon…
.. because there was no pointing in me wasting everyone’s time here.

But then for some strange reason, the Land Rover refused to start…
.. which as strange as it may sound – could have been because of what could be seen on the bonnet – because yes, that was a blue sky…
.. which by the look of it, I still wasn’t too happy to see wink

Seriously though, I couldn’t believe it – so with the camera back in it’s place…
.. the next image on the screen confirmed…
.. the sun was now shining – and so just one light was required this time…
.. to add a touch of fill…
.. to where the main group of people were going to be.

.. and out…
.. just like the sun…
.. but we where almost there…
.. as I explained how I saw them…
.. to myself by the looks of it wink

Still the ‘Big Guy up above’ must have been listening…
.. because a few minutes later, I was smiling from hear to hear – at this the final result…
.. which may never have happened had the Land Rover started wink

Which it did I’m pleased to say, after a little boast – and so that’s the story behind this image…
.. which you can now see on their website – with Claudio & Dianne way in the background too.

So a big thanks to everyone involved here – and especially to the ‘big guy up above’ – because I know I could not have pulled this off without your help smile


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