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August 3, 2017

To make it look like we did nothing at all.

After shooting the Superior guest rooms – it was up to the top floors to shoot the Executive Suites at the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel.

“The Executive Suites are spacious and contemporary, styled with our guests comfort in mind to ensure complete relaxation.”

Having already recced them back in April, it was this angle…
.. that we had agreed on.

OUR THINKING: “Room 521 – This room as a feminine feel to it – so let’s play on that by adding personal items to suggest that she has just returned from a days shopping.
Nice big flower arrangement as pictured below.
A person in this room would work – clothes dark navy or beige trousers and light long sleeved shirt or light sweater.

Smart casual.”

So with the camera in pretty much the same spot…
.. we when from that to this…
.. after Claudio and Ivan here…
.. lit it up, both inside…
.. and out…
.. while Dianne sat and read a magazine…
.. I made some suggestions…
.. and took a picture every now and then…
.. because as you can now see on their website…
.. we do actually work very hard, to make it look like we did nothing at all wink

The last one was this one…
.. which again was on the top floor.

OUR THINKING: Room 519 – Personal items to suggest a couple.
High tea on​ the coffee table.
1 member of staff either at the window or at the bed.
2nd red strip for over the end of the bed.
Flower arrangement as below or something with a modern feel.

So with the camera in place, we went from this…
.. to this…
.. after the lights had been put up…
.. and Claudio did a bit of modelling…
.. which I wasn’t quite sure about…
.. although showing off a bit of leg did help…
.. after taking a selfie…
.. as one naturally would – but we didn’t think any of those looked quite right…
.. so sorry Claudio – because as you can see…
.. they decided to run without you wink

And so that was it – time to pack…
.. and rack…
.. but not before the sun came out – so we made the most of that too – because like I said before: we do work very hard…
.. to make it look like we do nothing at all smile

From Claudio, Dianne, Ivan & me – creating images to tell a story, about our wonderful time during the shoot, at the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel in Limerick.


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