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July 29, 2017

Superior guest room.

One of the many bedrooms that Jack at the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel wanted to show their guests, was this one…
.. which they called their Superior rooms.

“Superior guest rooms are light and airy while also offering our guests that extra touch of luxury.”

So that was next on our list, after we finished the Nelligan’s Bar shot.

Which was pretty easy to shoot…
.. after Ivan put up a new picture…
.. Dianne had sorted out the bedding …
.. Claudio had lit it…
.. the polishing was done…
.. and I had press the button on this strange looking camera…
.. which I have been using now for nearly 15 years smile

Just point & shoot – and this was the final result…
.. which can now be seen on their website:

Take two being the same room with only a single double-bed…
.. which again just needed a few changes made…
.. which didn’t take the team very long to sort out…
.. bar trying to figure-out what to put on that far wall…
.. so Dianne held up a different few things…
.. which I took a quick picture of…
.. before we made the final call…
.. and so this was the final result…
.. which once again you can now see on their website:

So it was as simple as that – thanks to Ivan and Claudio here…
.. as well as Dianne…
.. who was already getting things ready for the last two shots – so more on those and what Claudio was doing here…
.. to follow wink

From me and the team @

Creating images to tell a story… just for you smile


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