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July 23, 2017

Nelligan’s Bar

The 3rd and final shot in Nelligan’s Bar was the return angle.


KL-0643 is our favourite angle – however, this angle does show the size and overall layout very well.

Would need bar staff and possibly a member of staff serving the people at the back dining area.

Which the following morning – after some serious work…
.. the night before, to produce this image…
.. to show their Family Rooms or inter-connecting rooms…
.. if you prefer – we set up to shoot:

Lights up…
.. and so the fun began…
.. as bit…
.. by bit…
.. it all started to come together – as I stood and watched…
.. the team working very hard…
.. to complete the story we were trying to tell smile

Seriously though – once everyone arrived…
.. it was all over in minutes, due to what all they had done.

Which then just left me to zoom in to let Jack’s Grandfather here…
.. see how well he looked…
.. in this the final overall result…
.. which you can now see on their website about Nelligan’s Bar.

Time for a coffee – as the big smiles on our faces says it all…
.. because we were all totally delighted with this one…

.. before heading up to shoot the various bedrooms.

So more on all of that the follow – from Dianne, Claudio, Ivan & me at smile

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    Superior room.

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