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July 22, 2017

It’s tables they want to see.

The 2nd shot in the bar that Jack was keen for us to capture, was this raised fireplace area…

.. which he was also wanting to promote.

Our Thinking:
“You mentioned you liked the Trump fireplace shot (see below) – so we will try to recreate something with a similar feel.”

Which we talked about shooting here: The Clubhouse.

“Well now that you have talked the talk, Ashley…
.. what are you planning on doing ?” – because it’s tables they want to see, rather than armchairs in front of a fire wink

Okay, TV down to start with…
.. and I’ll try to find an angle…
.. while Ivan, you workout how you are going to put a mirror up there…
.. because how else am I going to explain this very romantic image of the two of you wink

So while I put the camera in it position…
.. Ivan and Dianne started working on table setting…
.. as well as the flowers…
.. books…
.. and everything else that was in front of the camera.
While Claudio (besides taking lots of great pictures of us all) worked on the lighting – as I tried to explain the look that I was after…
.. before returning to take a few quick shots…
.. which I reckoned was 99% there…
.. bar fixing the hair…
.. and there you have it…
.. Capture-198262 looked good…
.. which got the thumbs-ups from everyone…
.. as it can now be seen on their Home page:

So “Cheers” – from Claudio, Myself, Ivan & Dianne here…
.. as it was time to make full use of the props smile


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