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July 20, 2017

Dusk shot.

Back in April we also talked about shooting the front of the Hotel…
.. and it was agreed a dusk or night shot would work best.

So after the shot outside Nelligan’s bar we headed around to the front of the building…
.. which had already be cleared of cars – and so it was a case of starting early…
.. once I had found my spot…
.. and Ivan had taken the Land Rover for a spin…
.. as he reckon we may be shooting out of the back of it, if it started to rain again.

Because this is Ireland – were it rains 250 plus days a year – so the umbrella was up just in case…
.. as the first of the images appeared on screen, the car arrived…
.. while Claudio & Ivan set-up some lights…
.. after which we then when ahead and shot the car and person in place…
.. and then waited for the magical moment to happen – which as you can see here it did…
.. about 15 minutes later – as day turned to night…
.. which then only left the sign on top to light…
.. and so this was then the final result…
.. which one can now see on the Home page of the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel’s website
.. along with the others images we took – or should I say created, as we do tend to do a little more than just turn up and take some pictures smile

So more on that to follow – from Dianne, Claudio, Ivan & me @


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  1. […] .. but started out looking like this… .. at 8:30 the following morning – after the Dusk shot and serval pints of Guinness in this very same room the night […]

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