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July 14, 2014

In the Dragons’ Den.

At this French Riviera villa, which is set high in the hills overlooking Cannes
Duncan Bannatyne's French Riviera villa which overlooks the city of Cannes.
.. is where our next assignment was – which had been organised by Rachel from the BBC.

And yes it was none other than Scottish entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and television presenter, Duncan Bannatyne‘s family hideaway – who is most famous for his appearance as a business angel on the BBC programme Dragons’ Den.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day in the Côte D’Azur, as you can see – and so while Rachel, Duncan and his PR agent Robert Montague, headed off to the shops to pick-up a few bits & bobs – Marie & I when about setting up the first shoot – which was of the main living area.

And so on their return, the first image of the room had been created – which we then quickly showed them on the laptop screen…
Duncan Bannatyne with Rachel Watson, Robert Montague, and Marie McMillen, in his French Riviera villa which overlooks the city of Cannes..
.. before shooting Duncan standing again the large sliding doors…
Duncan Bannatyne in his French Riviera villa which overlooks the city of Cannes.
.. so as not to disturb the cushions of course – and looking very pleased with himself, as Rachel would say wink

So with the Dragon in his Den shot over, it was then over to the other side of the room to shoot the dining area…
Setting up the dining room shot in Duncan Bannatyne's French Riviera villa.
.. as well as a few detail shots, before stopping for a bite to eat…
Duncan Bannatyne with Rachel Watson, Robert Montague, and Marie McMillen the kitchen of his French Riviera villa.
.. shooting the kitchen and then outside to work on this area…
Duncan Bannatyne outside his French Riviera villa with Rachel Watson and Marie McMillen.
.. which as you can imagine, was one of Duncan’s favorite spots to sit…
Outside sitting area at Duncan Bannatyne's French villa overlooking Cannes.
.. and look out over Cannes – which is where I’d sit too, if I was a multi-millionaire wink

Why did you choose France?
‘When we first visited the South of France five years ago on a caravan holiday, we had a wonderful time. The following year we came back again and rented a villa in Cannes for a month. We really got to know the Côte D’Azur and I decided to buy a villa in the area, first and foremost as a place to unwind – but wearing my Dragons’ Den hat, I knew it would also be a good investment.’

Duncan Bannatyne by the pool at his French Riviera villa which overlooks the city of Cannes.
.. right up until the sun when down – which is when we all then posed for a group shot …
Rachel Watson, Marie McMillen, Robert Montague and myself, Ashley Morrison, with Duncan Bannatyne outside in the garden of his French Riviera villa which overlooks the city of Cannes.
.. outside in the barbecue area – which I had to light, as it was now late and almost dark – before enjoying a glass of wine and calling it a day.

Featured at the start of the follow year – titled Luxurious French Villa
Pages 86 to 92 of the January 2006 issue of BBC Good Homes magazine featuring Duncan Bannatyne's French Riviera villa which over looks Cannes.

Duncan Bannatyne, from BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den, found the perfect retreat in the South of France.

.. on pages 86 to 92.

And a few years later on the cover of Templeton Robinson‘s Property Life magazine too…
Pages 12 to 18 plus the cover of Issue 21 of Property Life magazine.
.. as well as inside on pages 12 to 18 – which I’ve got to say looked amazingly well.

By Marie & me – who for a day, dreamed that we were millionaires too smile


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