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May 29, 2014

Before and After.

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Updating the Before and After section on our website here…
.. so as to not only let people see what was done, but also to show that there are more than 100 different ways to shoot any subject…
.. and that all images…
.. are not the same…
.. or even close to being the same sometimes – even if they were taken by the same photographer.

Which is something we often need to point out to clients when they ask us for a price to take some pictures.

Because there is a big difference between giving someone a price to turn-up to take some pictures…
.. and being asked to giving someone a price to produce some images…
.. that they would want to use.
As one could just involve turning-up and taking some snap shots of whatever happens to be there, like I do when we recce a place…
.. whereas the other could involve hours of work…
.. and a team of people, etc – especially if they are wanting some images created that they will actually want to use in various media for years to come.

Which is why we would often ask about their usage requirements – and then take that information into account…
.. when quoting a fee for the use of our work…
.. after we have created it.

Because 9 times out of 10, even when it looks to be sitting perfect to the eye…
.. the sort of image that they will want to use…
.. may still need to be lit and styled, etc, etc – and so that is what this section on our website shows, i.e. I can take some pictures or we can create some images.

So which do you want me to give you a price for – to turn-up and take some pictures which you can use if you want to or to produce some images that you will want to use ?

If it’s just to turn-up and take some pictures, then that shouldn’t cost very much; however, if it’s to produce some images that you will want to use, then we obviously need to take your usage requirements into account first, as the fee would then be based on that information. Which can be paid for all at once or spread over the years that you want to use our work, in the various media that you need to use it in.

So enjoy this newly updated section by moving your mouse over the original picture taken to see the final image created – which includes images that were produced many years ago, which the clients are still using to this very day – as well as some of our most recent work.

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