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April 15, 2014

Welcome back to America

After completing our assignment in Spain which I talked about last month – and came back with results that not only the BBC wanted to use but also several other publishing companies too – the next assignment we were offered was in America.

Wow – an opportunity of a lifetime and it would be the first time I would be back in the States since leaving college there back in the 80’s, where I swam for the University of Houston
University of Houston 1983 Bachelor of Fine Arts and swimming ring.
.. and first learned about photography while doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic communications.

Anyway, basically the assignment by the BBC was to shoot a home in Vermont for their up & coming Christmas issue – which was owned by Jackie Ennis, who was also in charge of promoting and marketing New England. So to make it worth our while – since the BBC was really only prepared to pay us for the use of our work, rather than to do the work for them – then we asked Jackie if she could possibly line us up a few more homes – which we would then shoot while we were there with all the gear, etc.

And so it was – Jackie lined up 6 other homes for us to shoot over the 10 day period we were planning on being in New England – the first of which was Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia’s detached beach house in the picturesque town of Mystic
Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia's beach house in Mystic
.. where the first shots were taken out at sea…
Rick Dean in Mystic
.. which was an amazing way to start our ‘Welcome back to America’ story smile

The storyline here was:

Maria Sylvia loved her idyllic beach house so much she turned it into a home to use all year round – and called it Seashell Cottage. Although its styling is undeniably New England, Maria has created an interesting home by drawing on her own artistic talents and using a number of themes.

Anyway, I had hired a local assistant called Bob O’Connor – who Calumet had highly recommended when I was hiring the lighting gear – and so while Marie talked to Rick & Maria outside…
Marie McMillen talking to Maria Sylvia & Rick Dean outside their beach house in Mystic.
.. which a took a few quick shots of…
Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia sitting outside their beach house in Mystic
.. Bob set up the lights while I started to set-up the camera for the first of the interior shots…
Setting up the living room shot in Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia's beach house in Mystic
.. to capture Maria’s love of the Caribbean, which even extended to her multi-colored sofa…
The living room in Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia's beach house in Mystic
.. which she sourced in a high street mall it seems.

The Fishy toilet, which Maria had pepped up with a funky tropical fish mural and accessories…
The fishy toilet in Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia's beach house in Mystic
.. was amazing – and was naturally a major talking point – but even the bedrooms and especially this one which she called the Lighthouse…
The lighthouse bedroom in Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia's beach house in Mystic
.. which was as close to true New England style as it got for them – had Marie & me going Wow !!

Who wouldn’t want to be here…
Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia sitting outside their beach house in Mystic
.. and so that was the first of the homes we shot before heading to Cape Cod, to shoot Gene & Rosemary Fuller’s 1930’s cottage, which I’ll talk about later.

So we are back America – and being made to feel very welcome by everyone – loving it and wishing we could stay forever Smile

The BBC, by the way, featured Rick and Maria’s beach house in their July 2007 issue of Good Homes magazine…
Pages 168 to 175 in the July 2007 issue of BBC Good Homes magazine
.. plus it was also featured in Templeton Robinson’s Property Life magazine…
Pages 12 to 18 in issue 23 of Templeton Robinson's Property life magazine featuring Rick Dean & Maria Sylvia's beach house called the Sea Shells in the New England town of Mystic
.. the following year.

So thank you America for welcoming us back, from Marie & me in Mystic.


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