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December 9, 2013

Sometime you sell the sizzle, sometime you sell the steak.

Is an old saying in the world of advertising photography.


And so Marie writes:

Working with Ashley on Nature Calico site has been interesting !! To be involved in direct retail is a very new experience for both of us.

Most of our commercial work is helping others to sell their product – but seeing the outcome at first hand is fascinating !!

Ok – exactly 3 months on and with a VERY small initial email shot to test the water, we have now had over 7,000 visitors and over 70,000-page visits.

And yes, orders are steadily coming in – along with wonderful feedback.

Can we compete on price with the Big Boys? – of course not !!

Can we offer something different ??? – We believe we can !!!

We believe that beautiful imagery combined with a little bit of warmth and personality is a winning combo.

Online shopping can be soulless – what we are doing is showing the product in context. Moreover, we are selling with a personal touch – style tips, a chatty blog, nicely wrapped parcels and so on.

I believe we are showing that online shopping can be enjoyable !! And if the initial reaction continues, touch wood, we are showing that a unique approach to “selling the sizzle” works !!!

So yes, we have been busy shooting – things like this cable knitted hot water bottle cover…
Hot water bottle
.. vintage letters…
.. which Marie can’t seem to resist – plus this girly bust…
.. which we both smiled at the resemblance to Queen Victoria’s shadow created by the light – plus a new range of leather goods…

.. this Yacht…

.. which I really liked – and being Christmas and all that, we naturally had to shoot a Christmas stocking…
.. as well as LOADS of other stuff too.

Selling the steak with a touch of sizzle – is how I would describe it, as we are also creating a mood – which is what we love to do and maybe one day we can do for you too 🙂

From Marie & me @

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  1. Hi Ashley…have followed your blog for ages….and now Marie’s…..only complaint…need more posts…want them thick and fast! Seriously tho….loving Natural Calico especially want to see more of Marie’s new Hoose…I’m Scottish..! Love her style and your photography is stunning….very inspirational and technically superb…your lighting is wonderful…keep up good work. Mags

    Comment by Margaret kennedy — December 9, 2013 @ 7:46 pm | Reply

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