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October 17, 2013

It’s time to say good bye to an old friend.

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Well this old Land Rover served me well over the past 3 years, as I recorded it on a number of occasions – from the day it arrived in the rain…
XLZ 1904 arrives
.. it’s first outing in the snow…
The Land Rover out in the snow in front of the studio.
.. side steps & roof bars fitted…
Sidesteps & bars
.. then the roof rack which we picked up on our first trip down to the south of England…
Roof rack
.. and then it on the way back from shooting another job in London a week or so later…
.. loading up to going to collage with my daughter Chloe…
Of to collage
.. at Mount Juliet County Estate with Marie & Stuart…
Mount Juliet
.. and at Doonbeg Golf & Spa resort at the start of the year…
Land Rover sitting outside the Member's Club house at Doonbeg Golf & Spa Resort in County Clare.
.. and so on.

It was my work-horse over the past 3 years, as it was great for carrying not only the crew & the gear, but all sorts of other stuff too…
Loaded up
.. which I need to carry while working on renovating the Hen House studios.

But then a few weeks ago I noticed this underneath…
.. which at first I thought could be repaired, until I saw this crack…
.. which unfortunately went all the way around – meaning the chassis was actually split in two here.

So after talking it over with a few different car body repair companies – and weighing up the cost involved in fitting a new chassis – it was clear from what they all said, that it was time for me to say goodbye to my dear old friend icon_cry

A major blow for sure and very sad to see it go – but anyway… 3 weeks on, it’s now time to say hello to my new friend – so more on that later smile


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