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September 15, 2013

Something old, something new.

One of the reasons we enjoy shooting homes is the fact that we get to meet great people – and also to work on a wide variety of homes.

This week we shot a stunning Irish cottage…
Janet and Ken Hamilton's traditional Irish cottage called 'Rose Cottage' in the County Down village of Greyabbey.
.. where the owners Janet and Ken initially bought the cottage as a holiday home – but loved it so much, they decided to move in permanently. They did some fairly major work to the cottage – the big things were removing the kitchen ceiling and taking it up to the rafters along with a new bathroom and creating an ensuite. Style-wise Janet went for an eclectic mix of vintage, original artwork, and a few more modern things.

Marie is the interior expert and she assures me, that that can be a tricky “look” to pull off – but that Janet did it to perfection:

She has done a superb job mixing wonderful old vintage items, with original artwork alongside a few modern touches.

So Marie & I had little to do here…
setting-up in the Living room
.. besides, re-arrange a few small things and then ask Janet to smile…
Janet Hamilton in the living room of her traditional Irish cottage in the County Down village of Greyabbey.
.. at the camera.

And it was the same throughout…
setting up in the kitchen
.. as they had also managed to create an almost naturally lit interior too.
So on my side, it was pretty much a case of pointing & shooting
The kitchen in Janet and Ken Hamilton's traditional Irish cottage called 'Rose Cottage' in the County Down village of Greyabbey.
.. with usually no more than one light being needed to add some sparkle.

Which was something new in something so old for me, as cottages like this can often be quite dark and therefore hard to light.

Anyway, just like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Janet and Ken for inviting us in – and we will keep you both posted in regards to which magazines it will be appearing in, over the years to come.

From Marie & me @


September 4, 2013

We’re aff.

After various glitches, we finally launched our wee online shop – gulp 🙂
Natural Calico

Not the ideal climate for it, unfortunately – but we have our feet on the ground and are keeping our expectations realistic.

Style-wise – needless to say, I ended up in my ‘Modern Country’ comfort zone 🙂
While it’s not exactly High Street, it’s not too far away from it I guess.

I’m planning to put out two ‘chatty’ blogs each week and will be adding constantly to the Look Book and changing the homepage every few weeks too.

We literally only went “live” yesterday so we have a long way to go to get our name out there – but so far, the feedback has been amazing and orders are already coming in – quite exciting 🙂

Here is the link:

Take Care

Or as Del Boy would say: Don’t worry, Rodney Marie. This time next year, we’ll be millionaires! cool

Seriously though, exciting times for us all – as we try something new, using our joint experiences – which began back in February as a dream – but it’s now very much for real.

So we’re aff, as they would say in this part of the world, as is now live – so be sure to check it out sometime.

From Marie, me and the rest of the team.

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