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February 24, 2013

All sorts of stuff.

Well, Marie was up bright & early…
Marie at work
.. to create another banner type image, which included some of the items we where going to be shooting today…
.. against two lovely windows – which we both felt worked very well as a backdrop.

So lots of single item shots produced here, as well as some more of Stuart’s paintings, like this one…
Lady on stool
.. which made us both smile or this one…
White rabbit
.. of the wee white rabbit, which I reckon Marie will not want to part with 🙂

Anyway, it was a day for shooting all sorts of stuff, which included things like these flowers…
.. to things like this colourful table lamp…
Table lamp
.. as Marie does occasionally like to add a wee splash of colour – which we had a laugh about, as I would often say: “But it’s Grey Marie” or “But it’s Brown Marie” – and then she’d give me that look: ‘like do you want thumped’ 🙂

Still, my favorite piece – which isn’t for sale by the way but we shot it anyway – was this wee Hen painting…
.. which Stuart very kindly presented me with, to hang in my studio, which is, in fact, an old converted hen house.

Perfect – so thank you, Stuart, for that.

Anyway, that was day two of this 4-day shoot – so needless to say, lots more to follow.


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