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January 5, 2012

Kicking off…

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.. the New Year with the first of hopefully many shoots this year – but hopefully most won’t be as tricky to light as this one was…
One of the first pictures take in Darren and Tony Day's three-storey mid terrace in Belfast.
.. which was a bugger, due to dark & dreary winter weather at this time of year.

Still, everyone was in good form – and everyone works hard throughout the day to create a set of images which Tony, the homeowner after he had seen the final results, emailed us to say:

Looks bloody amazing. You pair are like magicians 🙂

Thanks, Tony…
Tony Day in his three-storey mid terrace house in Belfast.
.. Praise is indeed bread to an artist – but the real praise goes to you guys, the homeowners, for the look you have created, which we are simply trying to capture here.

One of the things we thoroughly enjoy about this job is the sheer variety of homes we work on. One week it could be a huge Gentleman’s residence and the next it’s a first-time buyer’s home. Our job is to understand each magazine’s readership and to seek out homes that suit accordingly.

This one is a classic first-time buyer home – a Victorian terrace where the owners added plenty of style with color and wallpaper. It’s a home that a lot of folks will relate to and be able to draw affordable inspiration from.

So a good start to the New Year – and we would just like to say big thanks to Tony & Darren for all their help shifting TV’s etc – and also for making us feel so welcome.

Happy New Year everyone – let’s make it a good one – from Marie & me @


January 2, 2012

East meets West…

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.. or in our case, it could actually be the other way around.

Over the years, we have worked all over Europe and the East Coast of America – and needless to say, we love working abroad – so now that the Christmas festive period is over, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead. A road trip perhaps to somewhere warm would be nice – but believe it or not, it would appear all roads will be heading towards Russia this year!

Yes, we recently received a request to shoot some luxury properties in the southern Ukrainian region of Crimea – which is located on the north coast of the Black Sea – so needless to say, that really brightened up our day. Because only a few months back, our work for the first time appeared in an Eastern European magazine and last week a Russian magazine commissioned some of our work too.
So maybe there’s a whole new world waiting for us over there – in Eastern Europe and beyond.

The big thing, of course, is the logistics of getting there – which we are currently looking into. But it would certainly be a great opportunity, as well as a great adventure to work in the Ukraine – especially if we decide to go overland in the Land Rover – which we usually prefer to do, because of all the gear.

So we may need to brush up on our Russian this year – but in the meantime, имейте чудесный год, от Мари и меня.

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January 1, 2012

6 years on.

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And still going strong – as that’s approximately how long ago this image was taken – which can be seen here on the cover of Home Buyers Guide magazine…
Cover of Home Buyers Guide magazine
.. which is currently on the bookshelves this month.

Period of use, is, therefore, one of the 3 Key things that one need to take into account when determining what an image is worth.
But yet some don’t seem to think it should really matter – when it comes to putting a price on what we do.

Can use (if you want to) V’s Want to use (for years to come).

Two very different things, as far as I’m concerned – which I think this latest cover demonstrates very well. Because they could have used any number of images here – and we know they have had some new images produced this year by others – but yet this is the image…
Cover of Home Buyers Guide magazine
.. that they still choose to use for the cover – which we produced almost 6 years ago.

Anyway, a Happy New Year to everyone – from all of us here at ampimage – and something to think about over the coming years.

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