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August 24, 2011

myhotel Chelsea – day 2.

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After having the wheel clamp removed – due to the parking ticket machine seemingly rejecting one of my coins, which then meant only 12 hours rather than 24 hours – it was off to London. This time to shoot a number of areas at myhotel Chelsea – Sex in the City style.

First up was ‘East Meets West’ with this incredibly stylish suite, with a distinctive Thai theme…
Original picture taken of the Thai suite in myhotel Chelsea.
Our concept report on this one read:

We feel that this says “suite” and could be a superb shot. We’d move the chairs to the left of the coffee table … perhaps terracotta scatter cushions to balance the colors in the room for the camera ?? Perhaps remove the picture from above the bed ?? Possibly place the screen where the dressing table is – it might perhaps be more photogenic than the dressing area. Lifestyle on the coffee table that is color balanced – coffee table books, flowers in red/orange/cerise tones – not too tall. Candles.

To which they agreed.

So once again James was called upon to adjust curtains – poor guy…
Setting up the shot in the Thai suite in myhotel Chelsea.
.. and never once did he complain!

Still the end result…
The Thai suite in myhotel Chelsea.
.. was once again an image which hopefully they will want to use for years to come.

Beside the lobby & the conservatory, one of the other rooms was this spacious bright queen bedroom suite…
.. with the hotel’s strap-line being ‘Sex in the City’ meets ‘Brideshead Re-visited’ – which meant Marie had lots of fun sourcing some glamorous accessories, to help create the final result…
Studio queen bedroom suite in myhotel Chelsea.
.. while James & I worked on the lighting.

We only needed to produced 4 images at myhotel Chelsea, so we were finished early – which meant we had time to headed across town to myhotel Bloomsbury for one last shot before the sun when down.

They say the camera never lies; however, things may not always be as they seem – which was very much the case with this shot.

The aim here was to shoot a couple standing out on the rooftop balcony overlooking Bedford Square, which is a superb asset for the hotel – and we all knew it would look particularly good with a sunset. However, as there wasn’t one, so we aimed to create the same effect – and it’s a good job James had a head for heights…
.. as he balanced on a camera case to get the light in place.
But with the light in place…
.. it was time for the others to kick-in, as Marie stopped panicking and announced “I think he’s going to pull it off” – which I think we pretty much did…
The myplace balcony overlooking Bedford Square at myhotel Bloomsbury in London.
.. just before one of the highlights of this trip for me, which was to meet up with two fellow photographers…
.. Steffen Jahn & Paul Freeman – with whom I’ve liaised with over the years on a number of photography forums. So it was a great way to end the day – by meeting up with these guys in person after all these years – and enjoy a few beers outside the hotel after having something to eat.

Next up: myhotel Bloomsbury in London – day 3.



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  2. Excellent photos Ashley!

    Comment by T.K. — September 18, 2011 @ 10:07 pm | Reply

  3. myhotel Bloomsbury in London – day 1.

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