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March 13, 2011

Understanding Interior Styles

By Marie McMillen.

We specialize in interiors and are therefore only too aware that there is a huge variety within that field – be it classic, traditional. contemporary, eclectic, …. or, as we were shooting yesterday, a style that is hugely popular these days – ” Modern Country”.
Behind the scenes
It is our job to understand each style – basically because lighting, composition, and styling vary considerably depending on the style of the home.

“Modern Country” style is all about gentle lighting, pretty flowers, trendy wellies, cupcakes, Cath Kidston towels and Cabbages and Roses cushions etc !! Very much creating the dream of country living. Not everyone can “escape to the country” – but anyone can emulate this style to a greater or lesser degree wherever they live.

Our job is to show how that’s possible:
Callen's cottage

Added note – 12th April 2011 – 25 Beautiful Homes magazine will be featuring this home later on this year – so that’s one to look out for.



  1. […] Marie talked about here: Understanding Interior Styles – at the time when we shot […]

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    Featured in the September 2012 issue of 25 Beautiful Homes magazine…
    Pages 128 and 130 in the September 2012 issue of 25 Beautiful Homes magazine featuring Davina and Ian Callen's cottage near Seaforde in County Down.
    .. on pages 128 to 130.

    Comment by Ashley Morrison — August 2, 2011 @ 4:56 pm | Reply

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