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December 20, 2010

Blue skies…

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..and sunshine but there is still lots of snow around – so it really is picture postcard in many ways, here in Ireland.

However, the days are short and I really should have got out of bed earlier, to make the most of it. Nevertheless, I managed to get down to Newcastle – but unfortunately was a wee bit to late, as the sun dropped behind the Mourne Mountains, just as I arrived. Still it was a beautiful drive – and I saw lots of great images – but sadly only managed to captured a few.

The Stormont Hotel being one of them…
Christmas at the Stormont Hotel near Belfast.
.. where the sky was truly blue – so I decided to make the most of that by capturing it from a few different angles – to be sure, to be sure – as we don’t often get it as nice as this here.

Having said that, one of the biggest problems I find with stuff like this, is knowing when to call it a day – because Ireland being Ireland, it can look like this one minute…
.. and then like this…
Christmas at the Stormont Hotel near Belfast.
.. a few minutes later.

So I guess that’s why am shooting this stuff right now, because it’s almost impossible to commission or should I say: quote for.

Which means trying to make hay, as they say – while it lasts.


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