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October 9, 2010

Rue Alberti

Shooting an apartment today near the Promenade in Nice…
Setting up the shot
.. called Rue Alberti
The main living area designed by Liz Gibney interiors in the Alberti  apartment near the Promenade in Nice.
.. which is the first of a few assignments we are covering for Liz Gibney
Setting up the bedroom shot
.. whose interior design work you can see here…
One of the bedrooms in Rue Alberti
.. throughout this stunning apartment.

Interesting to look back at Marie’s comments to Liz about this shoot beforehand…

You did a really gorgeous job on that Alberti apartment – I think it’s perfectly styled as is Liz – honestly !! I can see why bookings are so good – well done you !! It’s not the style of place you want to “overload” for the camera at all I reckon. It’s always good to have some extra props to hand just in case they’re needed but compared to what we often shoot, this is sitting up beautifully. Ok, we will need to move the TV etc but of all the shots on this trip, I reckon those 2 images will probably be the most straightforward. We don’t have a problem working around cleaners and have done it many a time !!! Between us all, I think we should be able to get 2 lovely shots within that time slot.

.. as we actually managed to produce 4 lovely shots in the end.

Anyway, more to follow over the next few days – but of to a good start, as this was indeed very Nice 🙂

From Marie & me at the end of our first day, in this beautiful part of France.


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