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March 29, 2010


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Finally got to meet Mandi today…
Mandi Millar in the open-plan living area of her 1980s bungalow near the market town of Ballyclare in County Antrim.
.. who does most of our magazine write-ups – and her family too…
Mandi Millar and her husband Gary Grattan with their son Christy in the living room of their 1980s bungalow near the market town of Ballyclare in County Antrim.
.. while shoot their home in Ballynure – which included this great kitchen…
The kitchen in Mandi Millar and her husband Gary Grattan's 1980s bungalow near the market town of Ballyclare in County Antrim.
.. which I really loved.

Anyway, great day had by all – so just a wee note to say: Thanks Mandi for inviting us in, we had a ball 🙂

From Marie & me.


March 21, 2010

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The UK government is about to pass a law as part of the Digital Economy Bill to allow Orphan Works (images for which the owner cannot be traced) to be used commercially. They will collect a fee for their use, and remove the rights that photographers and artists have over those images. These are the creator’s moral rights, the rights they have over their work and agreed by international treaties. The right to set a fee, how, who and for how long an image is used, the right to have a credit assigned, assure client exclusivity and pursue and claim for any unauthorised usage. But clause 43 of the Digital Economy Bill will sweep these aside, and our aim is to get that clause removed.

March 20, 2010

The Vendor Client relationship.

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Very funny but also very true at times:
The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations.


March 12, 2010

Clare Inn and the George.

We have been shooting at the Clare Inn Hotel in County Clare…
The Clare Inn Hotel in Co Clare
.. and at the George Hotel in Limerick this week…
George Hotel
.. to create images like this…
George Hotel
.. as well as many others.

My favorite image has to be this one, of the Blue Dolphin Kids Club
Blue Dolphin Kids Club at the Clare Inn Hotel in Co Clare.
.. at the Clare Inn – which was kind-of a fun shot, that came together very smoothly once the kids arrived… who were brilliant – as was Stuart too…
.. in an entertaining way to boot 🙂

However, Renae here…
Renae in the restaurant at the George Hotel.
.. the Group Marketing Manager for the Lynch Hotels – has been a Star throughout these shoots.
Totally organised and on top of everything, hence the results:

The Sunlounge meeting room…
Sunlounge at the Clare Inn Hotel.
.. the lounge in the reception area…
Lounge area at the Clare Inn Hotel.
.. the Deerfield restaurant…
Deerfield Restaurant at the Clare Inn Hotel.
.. and the restaurant at the George Hotel in Limerick…
The restaurant at The George Hotel in Limerick
.. to show just a few.

So big thanks to everyone involved, as it was quite a week – from Marie & me.

March 6, 2010

Bright & Breezy…

.. was title of the first of two features which we have in Country Homes & Interiors magazine this month…
Pages 40 to 43 in the April 2010 issue of Country Homes & Interiors magazine featuring Marie and Alan Scott's 1920s bungalow in the County Down town of Holywood.
.. on pages 38 to 43 – featuring Marie and Alan’s 1920s bungalow in the County Down town of Holywood.

And the other is titled “Go West”
Pages 58 to 62 of the April 2010 issue of Country Homes & Interiors magazine featuring Geraldine and Vincent Ryan's seaside holiday home near the village of Doonbeg in County Clare.
.. on pages 58 to 62 – featuring Geraldine and Vincent Ryan’s seaside holiday home near the village of Doonbeg in County Clare.

Also this month we have one in 25 Beautiful Homes magazine, titled “Close to home”
Pages 42 to 46 in the April 2010 issue of 25 Beautiful Homes magazine - featuring Beth and Jason Cooper's converted barn near Guildford in Surrey.
.. on pages 42 to 45 – featuring Beth and Jason Cooper’s converted barn near Guildford in Surrey.

March 4, 2010

A day to remember.

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John Morrison.
John Morrison: 23rd November 1929 – 1st March 2010.

“Dad was born on the 23rd November 1929 at “Hill View Farm” as it was known back then. Now that was a very special day for his Father and Mother – William and Eleanor…

William and Eleanor Morrison

.. and his Big sister Elizabeth (who is with us here today).

Dad and Elizabeth grew up on “Hill View Farm” and attended Ballyboley School just outside Carrowdore – some 3 miles away. Things were very different back then. They would happily walk to and from school each day – and that love for walking remained with Dad throughout his entire life.
He loved to walk – and was always on the Go.

Dad grew up while the Second World War raged throughout Europe – and a story he loved to tell, was how he was stopped one day by American soldiers, while walking home from school.
It seems the soldiers asked for his papers – but he had forgotten them – so he was promptly marched up the road by the soldiers to their Base Camp.
Base Camp turned out to be ‘Hill View Farm’ no less – and for him, this was most exciting.

Dad left school at about age 16 and followed in his fathers’ footsteps to be a farmer.

Picture of John Morrison.

It seems one of his first requests was that the horse & plough had to go – to be replaced by the all new mechanical horse – the Tractor.
He was very much a progressive farmer and loved farming.

Dad however had many interests outside farming.
One was his great passion for motorcycles – and soon he had his own BSA to get him around.
He also was an active member in the amateur dramatics at Ballywalter Young Farmers Club – and loved going to dances.
It was at a Regent House dance in 1956 – he met a beautiful girl from Donegal called Mary – who became his loving wife … and in turn became Our Mum.

Mum and Dad married in 1957…

John and Mary Morrison on their wedding day.

.. and made “Hill View Farm” their home.

Farming was changing and Dad like many others, started to introduce British Friesian dairy cows onto the farm – and also was very much involved in the N.I Poultry industry…..this was the working Dad that I first remember.

Work was not enough for him, Dad was an active member of the Ballywalter Presbyterian Church and he also enjoyed being a member of the Lighthouse Masonic Lodge….he never did tell us what the initiation was or about the secret handshake.

In the late Sixties Dad and Mum introduced us all to “the world of swimming” and this was where we were to spend our time as a family. It all began at Butlins Mosney then Templemore Baths in Belfast. Memories of him racing along the Portaferry Road in his Ford Capri or Corsair 2000E, will live with us always – and as soon as the new pool was opened in Newtownards, we joined Ards Swimming Club, and that was the start of a 20-year sporting interest, which he became very heavily involved in.

Dad loved it – and especially loved it when he was asked to be the official race starter at major galas.
He was a real quick starter, no time for waiting…..he was always ready to GO…


INST swim team

.. Leander and Bangor Swimming clubs followed and there were many early mornings and weekends away at competitions , he was always there to support us and give us the encouragement that we needed.

For Dad the whole swimming circle was a real step outside the farming world that he had grown up in. It was a great opportunity to visit and see different parts of the world; his visit to see Ashley in Houston, Texas…

John Morrison with Phill Hansel (Coach) and the University of Houston mens swimming team during the Spring of 1981.

.. was one trip Dad still talked about with great excitement and fondness, and the photograph of him today was taken when he visited NASA back in 1981…

John Morrison.

.. he was ready for lift off…ready to GO !!

By this stage Dad decided to change direction from farming and joined the Department of Agriculture, just beside us here, today, at Crossnagreevy. He spent many a happy time working there and until recently would have referred to his colleagues and friends there.
Then during the mid eighties Dad seized the opportunity to start his own business on the farm in the agricultural supply industry, which he continued with right up to the point were we as a family recommended that he really should stop working, especially when he started to believe he was Eddie Irvine on the fork lift –

He loved watching Eddie – who we swam with at Ards – and the whole formula one racing scene.

Believe it or not this was around the same time that his love for motorcycles was rekindled, and he decided to buy a 1956 Francis Barnett motorcycle. Please appreciate that at this stage he was in his Seventies… we were not quite sure who was going to be more surprised as he planned to race up and down the local roads; us or the neighbours… as one neighbour said to me “clear the roads!!! John’s coming !!”
Alas it was never to be, Dad had forgotten that to get the motorcycle started you needed a strong right kicking leg.

Dad will be greatly missed by all the family, but especially by Mum…

Mary and Dorthy

.. Terence, Ashley and Me.

Love you Dad!

It’s time to go.”

by Nicholas Morrison.

March 2, 2010

The way I see it…

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(As posted on the Pro Photo forum.)

If someone says the use of the images isn’t important, when they are asking you to quote a fee, then you shouldn’t be concerned about it neither.

So the next job they ask you to do for them, charge them for ‘your time’ – then turn up and ask them for their mobile phone.
Take the pictures they want to be taken with that – and then hand it back to them when you are done, so they have the pictures.

See then if they care about the use or being able to use the images.

Common Law of Business Balance:

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.”

It’s totally about the use, as far as I am concerned – as it’s the only reason they are asking you to provide them with some images in the first place i.e. because they want to use them.

So the (Licence) fee naturally needs to reflex the that.

The Media use, the Period of use and the Territory of use are therefore the 3 key things that will determine the true value of any image.

And that’s why you should always clearly state what those 3 things are – when Quoting a fee – so as to avoid any misunderstandings down the road, as to what you are agreeing to provide them with, for that amount of money.

March 1, 2010

Dad said “farewell”.

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A sad day for us all and he will be greatly missed.

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