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January 27, 2010

Honeymoon suite plus.

We were back down at Doonbeg Golf & Spa Resort this week, to produce some more images to cover weddings and show their newly refurbished Link Cottages.

To the eye, the newly refurbished Link’s Cottage looked great; however, the camera does sometimes see things very differently – as you can see here…
Setting-up the Link's cottage shot.
.. but with a wee bit of pushing & shoving – a blast of light, plus some Marie magic added to the mix…
The link cottages.
.. we had our first image in the bag pretty quickly- as this is what we do.

First I set up the camera to get the framing…
Setting-up the kitchen shot in Link's cottage.
.. then we re-arranged things to suit the camera – and while I work on the lighting, Marie adds the finishing touches…
Setting-up the kitchen shot in Link's cottage.
.. without saying anything to one another sometimes, until we both stop – and say…
The kitchen in the Link's cottage.
.. I’m happy with that.

Anyway, shooting the cottage was just like shooting a home – which we regularly do for the national magazines – so that was easy 🙂

The tricker shots where the wedding ones – as those actually needed to be created.
So after some discussion with Ray (the marketing manager) and having looked a few different rooms, we decided that this one…
Setting-up the Honeymoon suite.
.. would be the most suitable, to be turned into a honeymoon suite.

So once again, while I worked on the lighting, Marie…
Marie McMillen.
.. when about doing her thing.

It took forever – but in the end we where all very pleased with the final result…
Honeymoon suite at Doonbeg Golf & Spa Resort.
.. and so now Doonbeg has officially got themselves a Honeymoon suite 🙂

Anyway, that’s what we were up to this week – as we worked with Ray here, to let the world see what this amazing place has to offer.

Cheers, from Marie & me.

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