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January 7, 2010

Christmas at Doonbeg.

Yes, we are still producing Christmas images one week into January – so as you can see here behind the sliding glass entrance door into the lobby…
Setting up the fireplace shot at Doonbeg.
.. it was all hands on board, as Paul & Marie worked their magic to help create what has got to be one of my all time favour Christmas images…
Christmas at Doonbeg Golf & Spa Resort.
.. which really does say, in my opinion, “A very warm welcome” to Doonbeg at this time of year.

But it wasn’t all about Christmas, as they also needed some images created to show their beautiful Spa area too – which is called ‘White Horses’ – down in the basement…
White Horses Spa.
.. meaning: not much natural light.
Still, after setting up a few lights and Paul lit a few candles…
Setting up in the Spa.
.. it was showtime..
The Spa area.
.. and another “Money shot”, as Ray the marketing manager calls them, in the bag.

However, with no natural light down here…
Setting up in the Spa.
.. needless to say, it was a challenge to create images like this…
The Spa area.
.. or even this one in the hot tub – which I completely missed the focus on…
Hot tub.
.. but everyone still seemed to love it anyway – so go figure that wink

So yes, it was a pretty major lighting job for sure…
Setting up in the treatment room.
.. as Paul had to work hard here…
Setting up in the treatment room.
.. and Marie naturally too on the styling – but I’ve got to say, I think it was worth it – as this has got to be one of the nice spas in the country…
The treatment room at Doonbeg.
.. in what I would say is one of the best hotels in the country too smile

Anyway, next Christmas you will no doubt see many of the other images we created here – but until then, this is how we will remember Christmas at Doonbeg – which was a great way to start the New Year.

So from Marie, Paul & me @, make it a good one smile

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  1. […] we talked about shooting here – Christmas at Doonbeg – back in January […]
    Boutique Spa Award…
    Boutique Spa Award ad by Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland.
    .. by the Tatler.

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